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Guest attitude

I had a really off night tonight but at least a lot of my problems have been identified.


I have particular problems with jumps with a battu. I can do changement battu, entrechats and echappé battu with lots of height and sharp beats but when it comes to sissones, assemblés or pique pas de racourci with a beat I am quite hopeless.


My first problem is:

- I'm not getting enough height in those jumps because

- I don't use BOTH legs efficiently to push off and that's because

- I tend to lean towards the supporting leg so most of the push is done by the supporting leg. I think I get ready for the direction of the jump too soon.


For this I thought I should try the exercise Ms. Leigh suggested in the "improving balloné" topic in YD 13-16. I figured I know how to keep my weight centred in pliés if I practice the bouncing for several counts then add a jump then sobresaut to each direction then a sissone, that problem might be fixed in a short while, fingers crossed.



- The working leg takes it's sweet time coming back in that by the time it's back I've already landed my supporting leg. This is partly because of lack of height in the jump but I think that my legs are still slow to close.


Should I practice grand battements but rather than a controlled close I could try to close my working leg as quickly as possible. When I do grand battements I always bring the leg slowly using the abs to control the legs and using resistance. Are there any other exercises I could do?



- I don't use the "swish" of the working leg enough in the assemblé.


This is probably also due to the leaning. I can actually do the assemblé battu although my legs keep doing brisés (I think the connection between brain and legs have been severed :) ) I just don't push the floor enough in the "swish".


I figured that simple degagés should help me with this although I can already do those well and I still suck at assemblés. I also thought that maybe I can practice doing degagés from a demi plié in fifth allowing the supporting leg to straighten while the working foot degagés (does that make sense?). I should probably do the bouncing first before attempting the degagé just to make sure that my body doesn't go off centre.


At the moment I've been banned from doing anything fancy with beats. Could I have developed all these bad habits in just 8 months?


That's all I could think of at the moment and this has been long enough anyway!

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Hopefully a simpler solution, attitude! Just get yourself between two barres or in a corner of the room where two barres meet. (If you are using the corner, face out, not towards the barres.) Support yourself on your arms and practice doing the beats that way. Start slowly, like in slow motion and make your legs feel exactly what is happening in the step. Then increase the speed.


Another way to practice is in a swimming pool! Great for beats :)

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A nice dissection of the problem areas, attitude. I think you've covered so much territory here, you can start to work on it. Sissonnes battus are a bit of a bear, because you have to beat cleanly, without giving the impression of doing the hortensia. To paraphrase a famous saying, "Now you have thought, dear, now do!";) If those fixes you have suggested yourself don't work, let us know!

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Guest attitude

Thanks for the quick replies!


I'm good at dissecting, it's just putting it all together that's the problem.


I don't think it's the beating that's the problem because I can do entrechat sixes although not very clean sometimes. But of course that always needs work.


I thought about using a pool but I don't have one and it's winter at the moment here and the thought of getting into a pool (even a heated one) is just unimaginable!

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