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Delicate situation with another dancer


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I have 2 dds who dance at the same school.  My younger dd came home from class one night last week without her nice winter coat, and she was extremely insistent that she had left it on top of her dance bag in the hallway (where they leave their bags).  She and the mom who drove her home asked the front desk, checked lost and found, etc...and it was nowhere to be found.  The next day I was picking up my older daughter from dance, and a dancer in her group was walking out in a coat exactly like my younger daughter's.  She's a similar size and was also at the studio the night the coat disappeared. Of course, it is possible that she has the same coat; however, my older daughter said that she has never seen her wearing it prior to that night. Also, my younger daughter was able to look inside the coat backstage at nutcracker this weekend and saw that the same hook on the inside is broken, just like on her coat.  Unfortunately, the sticker label was not on the tag. At the end of the day, I don't even care about the coat, and if the child really needed a coat, I would gladly give it to her.  It's the fact that I'm pretty she just took it and is brazenly wearing it right in front of us!  It makes me feel very funny to see her walking around in it.  My question is do I say something?  I don't think I can say anything to the child or the parents (who I don't know) because if I'm wrong, that would just be awful, but I was considering saying something to the administrative/student support staff because frankly it makes me wonder if she has taken anything else from someone's bag or if she will do it again.  Thoughts or advice on what to do?

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I would say something and it can be as simple as "Oh I think Jane accidentally picked up my daughter's coat at the studio the other day, can you check with her mom please?"

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