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Adult beginner ballet classes in Tel Aviv?


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Hello fellow dancers,

My sister-in-law, who lives in Tel Aviv, Israel, is interested in taking an adult beginner ballet class. She hasn't had any luck Googling for studios--everything she's found so far seems to offer everything *but* ballet. Anyone able to provide a recommendation? Many thanks!!

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Svetlana Sorin, a teacher in Jerusalem, teaches classes for adults in Tel Aviv. Her Facebook page is called “Ballet Classes in Jerusalem.” I have studied with her. She is amazing!

Naim Movement Center also offers classes.

Studio B also is one.

i am not sure if Israel Ballet in Tel Aviv has adult classes, but that is another one to check.


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I'll be going to Tel Aviv for 2 weeks late December, early January. If anyone has an updated listing of ballet classes (not just beginner) there, please please share.

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Wow - how great that you are coming to Tel Aviv. I've pmd you

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Svetlana no longer teaches in Tel Aviv. The other studios probably have classes of varying levels. 

Ballet Classes in Jerusalem (the Jerusalem one) has intermediate classes that are amazing. But I don’t know what the journey time is from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. 

If you go to Haifa, Haifa Pole and Ballet has amazing classes a few times a week. Worth trying if you go there. They also are on facebook and have their own website (read the times from right to left!). 


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How come I've never seen this? Is this a new studio?

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I don't know but my son used to dance with her at the Israel Ballet.

Are you still in Tel Aviv?

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I’m not able to go anywhere. Thanks Covid-19. 😂 

I had a love hate relationship with Zoom classes during this period. Glad to be able to get back to studios (that didn’t permanently close down).

Pure Studio closed and most of their teachers moved to Studio Be You and Studio Naim.

I somewhat manage to get by in classes taught in Hebrew,  but sometimes it’s hard to have to focus on both ballet and trying to understand what the teacher is saying.😅


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On 6/18/2020 at 12:17 PM, DaPixie said:

How come I've never seen this? Is this a new studio?

The Studio exist about 7-8 years

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Are you telling about this class/studio, or advertising it? Doesn't seem clear.

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* Moderator hat on!*

Just a friendly reminder about what is and is not allowed in terms of advertising on BT4D;

"Advertising:  We do not allow Advertisements for ANYTHING on Ballet Talk for Dancers. For years, we have held off using sponsors so that our membership was not bombarded with ads from this group or that business.  We simply ask the same of our membership. We have forums where certain information can be posted, but we do not allow press releases or ads about schools, summer programs, school performances, master classes, etc.. We also do not allow anyone to post about selling something. That is what ebay is for. Press releases about professional performances are allowed, and certain announcements of auditions and/or situations which provide work for dancers, or dance people, are permitted. When in doubt, it is always better to ask first."

Even though this is an old thread, at this point in time I believe LenaBallet has posted information that is relevant to the thread of locating ballet classes in Telaviv.

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