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First Year Of Summer Intensive Auditions

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For the past few years I have stayed at my home studio for their summer intensive. This year I decided it would be good to explore other options. Any recommendations for good ballet intensives I should audition for? I am not super flexible or have super archly feet but I work harder than you could imagine. I am in Northern California and an audition would have to be near me. I know that a lot of companies use summer programs as a way to make money and aren't too concerned about the actual dancers in the programs, I'm trying to avoid that. Thanks for you time :).

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Victoria Leigh

Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, sdelima!  

We do not recommend SI Programs, but we do have lots of information about them, including first hand reviews from the students (or students Parents) who have attended. Just go the Summer Intensive forums, and you will find them all listed. (They are in alphabetical order.) :)

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