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Back after some time away


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Hey, all.

I've been gone for so long, I wasn't even sure the site would still be here!  I hope this finds everyone well.  

It's a new year, and it's time for me to get back to being myself, so I'm back in the studio as a student, and I'm back on BT4D as well.  I'm woefully out of shape, but thrilled to be at a point where I can make time for dance again.  For now it will just be one class per week, but that's better than nothing, which is what I've done for far too long.  

I've gained quite a bit of weight and none of my leotards fit me -- anyone have recommendations for where to get leotards for chubby adult dancers?

I'm happy to be back.



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Welcome back to dance! I came back to BT4D just recently too, because I've just been too crazy busy to have time to read the forum. :( That's so sad because the BT4D is one of my favorite downtime things to do! Dancewearsolutions.com has a large size variety, and unique looks too! Give them a try. 

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Welcome back, ladies!!  If I can join the oh hi I’m back thread, I’m kind of back too after a semi-hiatus of about two years.  I’ve been having adventures in a teacher training program, and me and my body are looking forward to taking one maybe two classes a week for awhile after this spring.  I was not only busy with life, but felt a bit lost on places to participate, as I wasn’t a teacher, was dancing much more intensely than most of the adults here, and was definitely not a teen anymore!  I’m looking forward to meeting new and old members of BTforD in the coming months. :)

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Welcome back everyone! Good to "see" familiar faces. And here's to muscle memory kicking in!

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