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What is the best summer intensives for (me) a sixteen year old girl that started ballet late and is at an intermediate level looking to improve technique? Is it too late for me to be considered for big name schools? How can I get the best ballet training for my age? Which summer programs are most body type accepting?

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Elisa, I basically answered your questions in your first post, back in November. The answer to the SI question would be the same, especially in terms of talking to your teacher about summer programs. I would assume that your school has one, and that might be the best place for you at this time. "Big Name" schools are going to expect a 16 year old to be at the Advanced level.  

I am going to edit your profile to remove the name of your school, and I would suggest that you send me, via Contact Us, a choice for a new display name that is not your real name. We try to protect teens here, and too much information is not a good thing.

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