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Sing-along-Sound of Music

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Hi everyone. I havent been able to get to a computer for a long time but now that i am on one i have a question which i am hoping some of the UK members can help me with.

(It is going slightly of the ballet track)


Have any of you heard of the show Sing along with the Sound Of Music? If you have do you know where it is playing. Would any of you be interested in going. All i know is that all the words come up at the side of the stage and you sing along with the cast. Oh and you can get really into it by dressing up in the costumes (most people do).


My Dance teacher went to one last year and said it was fantastic but someone had booked it for her so she couldnt give me any details. So if anyone knows any info i would love to hear from you. Maybe we could get a group of us together.


love, Skippy :)

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We did one at the Hollywood Bowl last summer. 18,000 drunk, singing people, many in costume. It was a hoot. I had no idea so many lesbians were into the Sound of Music. Kathy Nijimi was the host.


As much fun as it was -- greatly enhanced by a few good bottles of a tasty little private NAPA valley label's best vintage -- I doubt I'd repeat the evening again anytime soon. One can only take 18,000 drunk people singing once every few years or so.:D

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Guest beckster

I went to see it for my friends hen party. The theatre we went to is just off Leicester Square in London. I didn't organise it so I have no idea how to do that. We dressed up and then got on a train to London - I was a nun and I was absolutely roasting hot. People kept looking at me as though they weren't sure if I was a real nun or not - the fact that I was with a rather excitable bride, countess, sea captain, etc. should have given them a clue. We all went to mcdonalds in leicester square and scared the tourists :D. It's probably more fun to go to an evening performance than a daytime one - more risque and I expect less families! The way it works is that the film has subtitles to sing along to - including the hymns and chanting in the nunnery (weird). You are given lots of props and stuff to use at certain times in the performance. Like, a sprig of white flowers to wave during "Eidelweiss", a party popper for when julie gets a snog, etc. It is good fun, and I would probably go again.

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:D Thanks for the response so far. I kind of get the jist that it would be a good thing to have a drink to get you into the mood, good way to start - good thing if you are going into London.


Beckster, do you know what theatre you went to?


Has anyone else been to this type of thing. It seems to be a new thing out here in the UK (i could be wrong, i only heard about it recently). Is it popular in the States. (silly question if 18,000 went to it). Would love to hear about peoples experiences.



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Guest podiumstar

We had Sing-Along-SOM here in Australia about 6 months ago. I went to it at the Sydney Opera House, of all places (in one of the smaller theatres). It sound like it was a similar thing - people dressed up, we had props and everyone had a great time. Much screaming and laughter at THAT line delivered by Mother Superior...!! Lots of fun :-)

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Sing-along shows in general aren't that popular in the States, but for some reason, certain ones really have their participatory audiences. The Mikado is another one that has its advocates!

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