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Auditioning when rusty


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Hello! I just turned 16 and I dance six days a week. I just had a three week break from dance (I get back on Monday) but I have an audition tomorrow. I've heard that the place I'm auditioning for likes tall dancers so I want to go but I haven't danced in three weeks. I've been doing Pilates, barre, floor barre, theraband, ankle weights, and stretching, but that doesn't change the fact that I will be very rusty. Is it a good idea to go? Also, I have some new pointe shoes that arrived (Russian pointes) and last time I had them they felt amazing on my feet and they looked good. I've been wearing gaynors lately because nothing else worked and my Russians were on back order for a few months. Should I wear the gaynors that don't look as good or the brand new Russians?

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I think that everyone auditioning at this very early date after the holidays will be in the same situation, pirouettegirl. Ā The auditioners should be quite aware of that. I say do the audition. As for pointe shoes, that has to be your decision and depends on which ones you feel more comfortable in. šŸ‘šŸ˜Š

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I think you should go, never missed a chance to dance. Before every audition, I always dance my heart out in contemporary. This is very usefulĀ becauseĀ your body is all ready and warm and has been doing a movement. From what it sounds like maybe wear your old point shoes? Bring your new ones though :)Ā Hope this helped

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