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Swayback/Flat Feet/Osgood-Schlatters

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I do apologize if there is a random word that doesn't make sense as I am typing on a phone so I have autocorrect.

Anyways, I am a teenage dancer and I have several things I'm unsure about.

First of all, does having swayback set me back or hinder me at all in dance? Along with that, does that prevent me from becoming a professional dancer if I would want and am good enough? My dance teacher has it I think and I think she said if she had wanted to be a professional she couldn't have. I've noticed it makes me behind stick out a bit more as well as (not sure if this is related) my hips lean forward and my stomach tends to stick out. If it's not causing my hips or pelvic bone to lean forward, then I do think I have an interior pelvic tilt. 

I also have flat feet and so I do know that effects my knees and plies make both hurt. I do wear tennisshoes a lot, but that doesn't really help on dance. It seems like it makes it harder to get a 180 first?

Next is Osgood-schlatters. This also causes a bit of pain during plies especially.

So I guess what I'm asking is, are these harming my dance performance? If so, is there a way I can fix them? And, would they keep me from being a professional dancer of I'm good enough and would decide to be one?

If anyone could help, that'd me awesoms!

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Unfortunately, all three issues will limit your progress in ballet as well as eventually contribute to injury. Please ask your teacher for help. It may also be helpful to see a medical professional. You may be able to work with a physical therapist as these issues may also impact your physicality as you age.

Perhaps you might consider getting spell check, as it is quite difficult to understand what you have written.

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Sorry it's poorly written. I was wondering if either of those three would hinder my performance and/or prevent me from becoming a professional.

Anyways, thank you!

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Oops,  A well-meaning parent wandered into the Young Dancers’ forum by mistake and a post had to be removed.  Only Young Dancers and Moderators may post in this forum. Other members are welcome to read.

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