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Things to do at home.


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Hey fellow ballerinas! I am just getting started with some serious ballet training. What are some tips and things to do at home that will improve my all around well being a ballerina?  Thank you for all of your suggestions! Also, I have been really into contemporary for the past several years. Are there any good intensives around the Oregon area?:D

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Welcome Claire_bear1.1!

Head on over to the Welcome Forum to introduce yourself a bit! You can offer more general ideas like how long you've trained in dance, what your typical schedule is, and what type of school you are currently dancing without giving out too much information about you!

As far as SIs, if you head over to the SI forum you can read through each one which will tell you where they are located so that you can narrow down your search. We don't think it's a good idea to compare programs directly because what one dancer might find good, another might not.

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Hey Clara! Thanks for the suggesting! This was very helpful :)

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Just for some generic tips at home, videoing myself in slomo on my tough moves and looking at every small movement I do. I can then focus on maybe the move is hard for me, and what I can do to make it easier. I keep doing it until it's almost perfect and I can do it well in class 

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I like to take a warm bath with Epsom salts and then spend a long time afterward rolling out, maybe while listening to music :) It helps a lot with tight muscles, if you have that problem

I also second the videoing, I use it to work on my por de bras a lot

You could practice feeling your core while balancing, and you can do this while reading a recipe or standing in front of of the TV

When I practice balancing and try to find alignment, I will engage my core and then imagine a rod going from the center of my hips up to my neck, and this helps with placement of the ribcage

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