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SI Audition Roll Call—2018


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Bumping this up now that summer intensive auditions are underway again this year. Hard to believe it's already been a year.

Wishing all of our DSs a successful audition season! 

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My DS has completed 2 of 5 (maybe 6) auditions for this years summer intensives. I can't believe how nervous I am waiting for his results. Hoping the best for all your dancing boys and speeding acceptances.

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DS12 begins auditions this weekend starting with the #cpybsummer experience tour, Walnut Hill, SAB, PNB. Hoping one of the first two come out with offers so we can skip the last two :P

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DS13 has finished 2 of 10 planned auditions. We both like to think that auditions can also be master classes and a chance to experience many different styles of teaching, no matter what the results. 👍

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DS (13) is auditioning for SAB, SFB, Boston, PNB and ABT. SAB was this past weekend and the rest are throughout January. Hope auditions go well for everyone!

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Oops!  Someone other than a Parent of Dancing Boy wandered into this Forum by mistake and a post was removed.


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My DS17 is not sure about an SI this summer - he may be trying to find jobs! But if he does one, it will be year 3 at Ballet Chicago!

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DS (15) will be auditioning for Boston (done), Pittsburgh, Houston, Chicago, Austin, and PNB.  This will be the first time that he has auditioned for more than one program.  In the past, he has been one and done.  Unfortunately, we still haven't taken the 1st arabesque photo yet.  :(

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DS (15) will be auditioning for SAB (done), Houston, Boston, SFB, and PNB. Maybe MCB.  We heard MCB changed the men's program and improved a lot in the last two years.  Has any of your boys done MCB SI ?  Any thoughts?  (maybe this is a wrong place for the question?)

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So excited! DS just learned he was accepted for Ballet West's summer intensive with a partial scholarship. :-)

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DS12 is brand new to SI auditions this year. I encouraged him to try out so that he has experience doing them for when it really matters. 

He has done Joffrey so far - and was accepted! (I strongly suspect that they accept all the participants, though.)

He will be doing Bolshoi and Sundance next month.

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Ldot, my DS auditioned last year for the first time at the age of 12 too. He did a few auditions just to get used to them and was pleasantly surprised at the results. Of course, with acceptances came the sudden desire to attend (he'd been on the fence before the auditions). Just sharing in case you want/need to prepare for what happens after the auditions. ;-)

I hope your DS has an awesome audition experience this year! 

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