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Ballet Diversity: Radical Reimagining of Ballet

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The topic of this thread is a specific article written by Theresa Ruth Howard, not the background of Theresa Ruth Howard; therefore, I am disinclined to do homework on her. If she is indeed sympathetic to the cause of preserving classical ballet, it is not apparent in this article.

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Although Theresa Ruth Howard's background is not the specific topic of this thread it does help to know about her to understand the article even more deeply.  I also advise never being disinclined to educate oneself.  

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Wonderful post Sugarmama


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Let's not make this thread a for/against Ms. Howard as a person.  Let's focus on the words and writing of this particular article and the specifics of what she writes about in this article and how we feel about those issues.   While she has been and is a champion for equality in ballet, she has written some articles that have been called controversial amongst some of those she is championing.  So, let's leave her, personally out of this and discuss her writings.  

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I stand by my responses to Ms. Howard’s article. I responded to the thoughts she expressed in this specific article, then I was told I should do homework on her. If you go back and read my posts, you will see that I agree with much of what she wrote. The fact that I don’t agree with everything she wrote does not mean that I should do homework on her.

P.S. I’m sorry, Momof3, we were writing at the same time. 🙂

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I apologize, it was not my intent to come off rude in any way.  I was just agreeing that it is always nice to educate oneself at any time especially when it is relevant to a discussion and that is most likely why it was suggested to research her a bit.  By no means is this something anyone has to do.  I did and it did helpl me view the article in a different light.  I think understanding a persons history can be helpful in understanding the breath of all their works or writings.  And finally this is all good discussion and I completely agree that we do not all have to agree or disagree on all that was written.😊💖

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And with that.  We are back to the discussion of the article and the ideals presented in the article.  Thank you!

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