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Wow! That is really a quick notification. Congratulations! I have a Senior auditioning for several programs. I wish we had an answer this soon.

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Denipark - Congratulations to your dd! My dd was also at that audition and we are anxiously waiting to hear. Curious to know if you heard by email or snail mail?

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Thanks y'all! (We're working on our southern twang.) We got an actual letter in the US mail. Crazy! Talk about immediate gratification.

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I also did the Monday audition and recieved an acceptance today by snail mail. Ballet Performance level 3 :thumbsup:

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Hello! I was just accepted into OU Ballet Performance Level 3 for Fall 2011 on Thursday! I have decided to attend. I was just wondering if anyone could provide any insight on how many other freshman I can expect to be in my class/how many students in the level? :rolleyes: Thank you!

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Congratulations, new Sooner!


For information on the freshman class, your best bet would be to call the School of Dance and see what information they can provide. It's possible that all the accepted auditionees haven't even made final decisions yet. As for class size, that really depends, especially for Ballet III, as there's a 9am technique class section and a 1pm technique class section. Neither is more "advanced" than the other; students choose which section to enroll in based on their own preferences (as you get older, you may easily find that 9am is way too early to be up and dancing) or based on when their academic classes best fit. Some prefer devoting their mornings to academics only. Once you enroll in classes you'll be able to see online how many students are in your class. Just be aware that this will change, as current students who know their way around the online enrollment system tend to tweak and switch around their schedules until the very last minute.

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Victoria Leigh

I don't know for sure how things work now, but that program, back a number of years ago, placed students by level. If a Freshman was advanced in ballet, she did not have to take a beginning class.

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If you read back, I'm pretty sure I already addressed the level question.


Yes, there are four levels within the School of Dance. HOWEVER, there are LESS THAN four levels within the majors' program.


Ballet I and Ballet 1.5 are ONLY for non-majors. Ballet II has two SEPARATE sections. One for non-majors and one for majors. Ballet II for Majors is typically where all the modern dance performance majors place into for their ballet technique class.


Freshman entering the Ballet Performance or Ballet Pedagogy program typically begin their training at OU in Ballet III. Sometimes they place into Intermediate Ballet, which is a split-level Ballet II/Ballet III schedule. After that, you may progress to a split-level Ballet III/Ballet IV and then fully into Ballet IV.


So really, there are only TWO "actual" levels with the School of Dance for ballet majors...Ballet III and Ballet IV.


Make sure you go back and read the thread, as I know myself and FYBTara have gone over a LOT of this basic information already. :grinning:

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Victoria Leigh

Ah yes, glissade jete, but it's a 16 page thread! :thumbsup: So, it doesn't hurt to put up the info again. :grinning:

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Are the ballet classes for ballet majors only, or could a musical theatre major with tons of ballet training be placed in class with the dance majors?

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Thank you for the clarification glissade jete. I do remember reading about it some of the previous posts and I even asked the question in person at the audition but for some reason I still had a question in my mind. This is the first time i have had it explained in this much detail! Very helpful!

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LongLines, how did you receive your acceptance? Was it through email or regular mail? I'm still waiting on my letter and the wait is agonizing!

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