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Does anyone have knowledge about the new facilities and the floors in the studios. I am trying to find out if something I heard is true. My specific questions, are the floors in the new studios "spring" or are they applied directly to cement? What do the current faculty and students think of the facilities? Are they helping the program or has there been a negative impact?


Thanks for any first hand knowledge you may have.

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My newly graduated highschool senior just attended Orientation at OU. This senior was accepted to the Ballet program and will be majoring in Ballet Performance. As an incoming freshman the class level will be junior level. We were very impressed with the facilities, the help from Ms. Holt and her assistant has been incrediable. OU is a large university, but my student has been treated very well and has received personal attention by emails and letters. We are anxious to see what the future will bring at OU!


Boomer Sooner

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Boomer Sooner 3ballet and welcome to Ballet Talk!


I'm an OU alumni and while it is a large university, it can become a very small community if you get involved and take advantage of the many clubs and activities that the school offers. I had a marvelous four years there and now have many in the next generation in our family who are finding it to be an equally great place to call home for a few years. I wish your dancer much success there. Go Big Red! :hyper::hyper::hyper:


Oh and many moons ago, my summer job was to speak at each of the freshmen orientation sessions and tell all about what it was like to be a student at OU. :blushing: So, I have fond memories of OU orientation! It was a great summer job! :yes:

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I have lots of questions about OU but currently do not have the mental stamina to arrange them in a coherent fashion, ergo I'll just shoot them off as I come:


How hard is it to get accepted into OU as a whole? How hard is it to get into the dance school?

What style are they primarily?

Would I be able to attend even though I'm two years older than typical "freshman" age?

Do they ever offer any scholarships based on dance ability?

How expensive is it?

What's the area like? Small college town in the middle of nowhere?

Do the faculty help thier dancers find jobs with companies or is it more of a "goodbye and good luck" type thing?


That's all I can think of for now, thanks for any answers you might offer!

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Its been a few weeks since I asked, and of yet, no one has responed, ergo I would like to draw attention to my post in the University of Oklahoma forum. Thanks!


*and yes, I realize this post is doomed to be deleted, however I hope it will lead someone to my questions beforehand.

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I'm sorry that you did not receive answers to your questions yet. It has been so long since I was a ballet major at OU that I am not qualified to answer most of them. I can tell you that Norman, OK is not in the middle of nowhere though and the town has grown by leaps and bounds since I was there. It is very close to Oklahoma City and Dallas is only about 2 hours away.


Most of your other questions can be answered by visiting the OU website (tuition, acceptance criteria, etc.) and you could certainly call the School of Dance and talk with someone there. I'm sure they will be very helpful and glad to answer any additional questions you have once you have checked out their website. http://www.ou.edu

and the School of Dance website at http://www.ou.edu/finearts/dance/


As for "will I be able to attend....." of course, you can attend college at any time in your life. They do hold auditions for the Ballet program, but that will probably be based on ability, not age, and I know that they used to offer scholarships - again that would be based on criteria specific to the scholarships available.


Also, you can read through the posts on this thread for information about the program that has already been posted on the board...


Hope this was helpful....

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Chronus, I just read your post and I think I might have something to add that might relieve your mind. At my daughter's local studio, a boy walked in off the street and auditioned for Nutcracker 2 or 3 years ago. He'd never had a ballet class, but was able to keep up with the rest of the auditionees fairly well and finished the audition. The AD never knew he didn't have any training until after the audition. She scholarshiped him immediately and he's been with us ever since (I tell him he's our Billy Elliot). He's an older student, now in his early 20s I think, and he was awarded a full ballet scholarship to OU starting this fall. All this to hopefully illustrate that it's possible, at least from where I sit. Of course it helps to have those all-important connections -- i.e., do you know anyone dancing there who can put in a good word for you? Our student did. Best of luck!

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Well, the audition class is a week from today. Ironically, that day (October 9th), is also my birthday...hopefully OU will give me a nice birthday present of admission :)

And as far as knowing anyone there, no dancers per se, but I do know a famous teacher who is friends with the AD. He was nice enough to write me a letter of rec too, so I hope that will help!


To anyone who reads this, wish me luck, good forture, divine intervention, etc.! :)

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Yesterday I was watching the epic football rivalry between Oklahoma and Texas on TV. I won't discuss the outcome here... :unsure: However, this was nationally televised on ABC and one of the commericials was an OU recruiting ad, mainly focusing on their commitment to academics. At the very end of the spot, they showed a football player, in full game day uniform, holding a pretty ballet dancer in a lovely white tutu in a modified fish dive. The tag line was, "Oklahoma - We have it all!" :shrug:


Having grown up in Sooner Land, I can tell you that the choice of a nationally televised ad - during a football game - featuring a football player and a ballet dancer, as the image the school wants to project about their focus, indicates an unprecedented commitment to the ballet program! (No surprise on the commitment to the football program.) :D

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