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Ok, tell me if you think this was odd. I took the audition class yesterday with about 28 people in it...but I was the only guy. Now, I hear there was a second audition at 5pm with about 20 people or so, however I still didn't see any more guys as I was leaving. Whereas I'm a bit hopeful that this lack of other guys increases my chances of getting in, I'm also a bit perplexed there wasn't more interest from the guys. That was the first audition where I was the ONLY guy in the class.

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Balletbooster, that is a shocker. I worked at OU in the 1970's and I remember the president of the university being quoted as saying he hoped that the academics of the institution could be improved to the point where they were worthy of the football team. Maybe they have made progress in that direction! I have always thought that their fine arts programs were undiscovered gems. It's nice that the dance department has such a good reputation. Go Sooners.

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They have made great strides in academics under President Boren. They now boast the most National Merit scholars of any public university and have a number of Rhodes scholars and finalists to their credit. The entrance requirements have also steadily increased with instate students needing pretty competitive ACT scores to guarantee admission (I think it is currently at 25, but will go up to 26 next year). Evidently, part of their academic emphasis has been to bring the arts to the forefront as well.


I was a student at OU from 1973-1977. So, we were walking the Sooner road during the same years! :)

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Apple- I'm guessing you were at the second audition of the day because I was at the earlier audition and there was only 1 boy in the class. We had class from Steve Brule.


I was very impressed with the new building the studios were gorgeous.

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Once again and as usual, I failed to meet the technical requirement of a program. Even being the ONLY guy at the audition did not help anything and haivng a letter from a friend of the AD. Oh well, I'm used to massive and mutiple failures though, begining with my parents "failure" to properly utilize contraceptives 21 years ago.


Moving on, what other "slightly less competative though still solid ballet focused" programs exist? I would prefer some sort of audition rather than a complete "anything goes" ideal. Let me say this as well: No matter how horrfic a "dancer" (assuming I can even call myself that) I am, I refuse to allow myself to attend some sort of "Dolly Dinkle College Ballet" program. I demand adequacy; no rooms full of forty-year old women flapping their arms and calling it dance for me.

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Chronus24, I'm very sorry that you were not successful at the OU audition. Have you considered a ballet program where an audition is not required? There are many programs with good faculties that do not require an audition to declare the major. There are also programs that allow you to attend for a year or more without audition, before the faculty decides whether you can declare a ballet performance major. Maybe you could look in to attending one of these programs and working on your technique for a year or two more and then look at transferring to a more competitive college program.


A program without auditions may not be a 'Dinkle' program, simply because it is open to a wider cross section of dancers. Don't be too quick to assume this until you look at their course offerings, their faculty and other considerations.


Take some time to read through the current threads on the Higher Ed forum for each of the schools. There are several discussed there that might meet your needs.

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Congratulations kls! :devil: Don't know if you have tried this....but there is a long thread about OU under "University of Oklahoma" that has alot of information about the school and it's dance programs in this Topic area. Hope that helps!

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My daughter also auditioned at OU on Oct 9 and received her acceptance into the Dance Department this weekend. She also received a letter the same day naming her an 'OU Scholar' with a very nice academic scholarship. A 'good' ballet day!

We found this program to have a very warm feel to it . . . the faculty and staff were very nice and approachable (I was impressed that Mary Margaret Holt gave tours of the facilities herself), the dance facilities are beautiful, the question and answer period for students and parents was informative and honest. (Yes, you can double major but probably will not graduate in 4 years. No, they cannot promise you a company contract but will provide the training and support you will need as you audition. Yes, you can belong to a sorority/fraternity as long as it does not interfere with your ballet commitment.) The program just received a $500,000 endowment for a visiting artist chair, which will guarentee yearly exposure to visiting artists for the students. They also try to do a European tour every other year for their performing company, the department picks up the expense. Lots of good things appear to be happening in this program. Another plus, as balletbooster commented, the university really appears to support its arts endeavors.

We do have some questions about OU as well. When you audition you are placed in a technique level. I thought I heard they have 3 levels but DD was placed in level 3/4, so we are not sure what this means. Also, the first week of school you must audition for the performing company and we do not know how many actual ballet performing majors are NOT in the performing company. All questions to be answered before DD makes her decision.

Hope this information helps. I will try to share DD experiences as her auditions continue. I know this board has been invaluable to us when trying to make decisions about college programs.

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Congratulations and welcome, 2ofboth! Please do share your college audition journey with us. It is so helpful to others to hear first hand information. All the best as your dancer makes important decisions in the next few months! :innocent:

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Chronus 24 -

Do not be discouraged by one audition! There are dancers on this board who are apprentices, trainees and working professionally who were turned down by certain colleges (and were offered nice scholarships from other schools)

Visit and audition for a variety of programs, and if you really need extra work on your technique, consider a year at a post-graduate program at a residential school, before college.

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Oh trust me, I am certainly looking at many other programs...it just irks me cause I'm already so old and running out of time...(I'm 21, which is practically retirment age in the dance world...time to get me my AARP card...)

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Chronus, what about TCU? I have several adult friends who majored in other things, and had no aspirations to dance professionally, but began by taking ballet classes for PE. They ended by minoring in ballet. So I know that you can at least figure out what they want, work hard, get seen, etc. Several of the ballet studios in the area pay TCU guys for their recitals (hey, money is good!).


I'm sure that if TCU does this, other schools do too. Many dancers succeed in less direct ways. Keep your chin up!


And I think the shelf life on guys is a little longer than 21 years old... :P



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Chronus -- If you're ever in San Antonio, please check out Ballet San Antonio academy. We have a very demanding ballet program and have several retired dancers (Houston, mostly) who still dance for the love of it. One of our girls was accepted into a north Texas university ballet program where the ballet just wasn't up to her level, so she's coming home to continue training! Sometimes doors open wide in unexpected places! Don't give up. You're not too old!! :offtopic:

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