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Hello, I would like to ask about scholarship opportunities.  I can research info on academic scholarships and the leadership scholarship but I would love to hear some first hand experience with ballet scholarships.  First, are they very generous?  And second, has anyone been awarded a scholarship via video audition?



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DD was offered a small dance scholarship her first (auditioned at the school) and second year.  For her third year she was offered a much larger scholarship which was based on her passion for dance and technique. Were any so big that it made paying easier, no but every bit helped.  

OU's academic scholarships are also very good.  


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I echo dcns. Ballet ones are spread among as many dancers as possible which means they are smaller dollar figures. OU's academic scholarships are from where the main financial support comes. OU prides itself on its academically gifted student body. Our DS auditioned at the school. If you can make the trip, I highly recommend it. The audition gives an opportunity to take the pulse of the program, talk with dancers, and sometimes see a performance. Fit is very important in this kind of college experience.

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I have a note that says admission decisions to OU are done on somewhat of a rolling basis. That was based on a conversation with an admissions rep. Does anyone know how long it takes to hear about ballet admissions? DD is planning on going to the October audition.

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My DD daughter went to the October audition last year and she heard back within 3-4 weeks from the Ballet dept, if I remember correctly. She also heard back from the University about academic admission within 3-4 weeks of having submitted the application.


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Thank you, suesuedressage. Sure would be nice to have some information in hand as early as November next fall!

Edited to add that I emailed the department to ask about this and was told dancers will hear back 2-4 weeks after they audition.

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OU Class of 2022! 

I got my acceptance Saturday. This thread has been so interesting throughout the audition process, and I wanted to start the discussion back up for Fall 2018 new freshmen.

My question is about the summer session 2018- Could I take a gen ed during this time to get it out of the way?

Also does anyone have experience transferring gen ed credits form other institutions?

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My advice would be to try and take any "random" gen-ed you might need through a local community college in whichever state you live in (I'm assuming, perhaps incorrectly, that you're out of state) and that would be the least expensive option. I'm not sure you'd be able to take an OU course over the summer before enrollment because you technically applied to begin your studies in the fall. That's easy enough to call your advisor about though and find out.

I took (if I remember correctly) three or four gen-eds through community colleges in my home state and had no problem transferring them to OU. I was just very diligent about checking transfer policies and clearing the courses with OU first to make sure they were acceptable for credit. 

I can't remember the exact policy but you just can't take any upper-division, degree-related courses through other institutions...or you can't transfer credits the year/semester before you graduate...something like that. :P

Again, congrats! Unfortunately I'm no longer much help with a lot of the School of Dance questions, as so much of the faculty has changed since my time there (retirements/promotions).

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My daughter was accepted into OU's ballet program entering the fall of 2018.  I'm just looking for opportunities for connecting with other dancers who will be attending.  I am also looking for advice about the OU Summer Dance program vs. other summer intensives.

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AKM, Congratulations to your DD for her admission to OU.  

Please see our Summer Intensive 2017-2018 Forum for empirical information regarding Summer Intensive programs.  We do not permit or indulge in direct comparisons between or among programs, but provide first-hand information regarding the programs.  Please do go there to review information regarding the summer programs you are interested in and add any questions you may have after reading the information collected in the dedicated threads and the correlating Archived thread.  


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Congratulations on your daughter's acceptance! Just for clarification, are you asking about OU's Summerwind Dance Program, or their university summer dance classes for the  OU School of Dance students (for which you receive college credit)?

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My daughter attended the SummerWind program the past two summers, so I'm inquiring about the month-long program for students in the BFA program.  BTW, she had a fantastic experience at SummerWind and made some good connections in the summer program for younger students which I believe will no longer be called SummerWind.  It's a nice, small, quality summer intensive program.

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I imagine we'll want to merge this thread with the general thread for University of Oklahoma's School of Dance, but I'll let a moderator decide that! :)

I graduated from OU a good while ago, and leadership has changed since, so I don't want to go into too much detail about the summer classes in case things have changed some.

That being said, the summer classes definitely can't be considered a "summer intensive" or "summer program." They're essentially just summer term classes in much the same way a college student might opt to take chemistry as a summer course. The students who take these classes are generally ones who are trying to graduate early, as you get a semester's credit for whichever class(es) you enroll in. Credits available would be ballet technique, modern technique, "company," and "rehearsal and production." One summer, I took ballet technique, modern technique, and company, which meant I had a ballet class, a modern class, and rehearsals every day, followed by performing in the "SummerDance" performance. Another summer, I took modern technique and "rehearsal and production" (which was required for performance arts majors, and is essentially when you act as stage crew). This meant that that summer I worked the performance backstage as a lighting crew member. I also received special permission to drop-in to the ballet technique classes as I wished for no credit.

As you can see, the summer classes can be as rigorous or not as you wish. The summer when I took ballet, modern, and company, it was comparable to a standard summer intensive just because we were dancing all day. 

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My daughter will be a ballet performance major this fall and would love to connect with other incoming dancers!  She doesn't have pm privileges, but just posted through the OU Bound website.  The information here has been so valuable in our college search.  Many thanks!  

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My daughter is attending OU in the fall as a ballet major too!  She just messaged your daughter on Instagram.  Nice to meet you!

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