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My daughter heard by snail mail after about three weeks last fall. I don't know if acceptances went out earlier, but she was declined.

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Last Sunday they told us about 2 weeks by snail mail.  Also I was wondering if there are many boys in the program? There were not any at the audition, but it was a very small audition turn out.

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Lady Elle, out of curiosity how many were at the audition? When my DD went to OU last fall, I believe her group had somewhere between 30-35 dancers. The vast majority were female.

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My DS is a senior at OU. There have been an average of 10 men in the program. He has been busy! All college programs want more men. OU recruits well to keep them and give them a solid experience. 

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Dancingjet - literally 5.  This was the audition tour though.  And it was the last stop of the tour.

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We were surprised as well.  They said since this was their first audition tour, the turn out has been small but they will probably build over time.  It worked out great for my dd as she had room to dance big without fear of whacking another auditioner! 

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I'll also add that students auditioning for university programs often prefer to audition on campus when possible because then they get to see/tour the campus and experience the student culture. 

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Glissade-jete - yes for sure!  We thought we were going to have to send in a video because we just couldn't afford to fly out for an audition so we were really happy to find out about the tour!  

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😊 she got her acceptance letter today with a personal note from Michael Beardon. Also included the level placement which is interesting.  Yay! 

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Congratulations! I'm glad to know the new director is continuing with the personal note touches, as did the previous one. 

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