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2ofboth: Congratulations to your daughter on her acceptance to the OU School of Dance! I graduated from the program nearly 10 years ago, and I have only positive things to say about my time there and how much I know the School has progressed since I left. In regards to your questions, while it has been nearly a decade since I graduated, there were 4 levels of ballet classes at OU when I was there, and I know that some students were placed in a combination of Level 3 and Level 4 classes, so that could be what "Level 3/4" is referring to. Also, when I was there, as a Ballet Performance major it was REQUIRED that you audition for the performing company. I remember that we actually enrolled in a class called OU Ballet Company, received credit hours for it, and received a grade each semester in "company."

Again, things may have changed since I was there, so you are probably best off directing these questions to the School of Dance, but I just thought I would share my experiences.

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I am a current student in the OU School of Dance. After reading crytz76's post, I just wanted to say that the information given is still correct. Students can take both level 3 and level 4 classes. Also, yes, we must audition for the ballet company every semester, and it is an actual "class" with credit hours. We're currently having performances right now. The program consists of Kingdom of the Shades from La Bayadere, Reflections (from the Joffrey repertoire), Primavera (a pas de deux choreographed by our founder), and Rodeo.

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Thank you glissade jette and crytz76 for the clarification. My daughter has done several more auditions but still really likes OU's program. It sure helps to hear from those who have been there. She plans to revisit campus soon to help her make her decision.

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I have not been able to visit OU's campus, but I have heard it is very nice. I'm wondering about housing. I looked it up on their website, but it didn't say how close it was to the dance department. Also, is OU a campus where you need a car to live or is it possible to walk or bike ride to most places? Thanks so much.

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Actually, the dorms and the dance buildings are at the opposite ends of campus! Ha ha. But it's not a bad walk. I can make it there in 10-15 minutes. Many students on campus choose to ride bikes or scooters, but it's not necessary. It's a good campus for walking, though intimidating for a freshman the first few days when you have no idea where you're going! Freshman, who must live on campus, may or may not have cars, but they're used mostly for travelling off campus. They typically only drive to ballet classes if they're running late or feeling lazy. When we have rehearsals that end after dark, the upperclassmen are very good about offering rides to the freshman back to the dorms so we don't have to walk. As for needing a car to live in the area, I don't have one! But yes, if you like to shop by yourself etc. etc. you would need a car. However, the dance department is very close knit. There's always someone around to give you a lift to Target, the mall, or the dance store if you need it.


I'd be happy to answer anymore questions.



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The dance building itself is actually just across the street from 'Campus Corner' where you will find lots of trendy shopping and restaurants, typical of a campus setting.


It is possible to make the walk from all the buildings on campus between classes, but when you are in the dance building (at one end of the campus) and must get down to one of the General Education buildings at the other end, you will have to hoof it to make class on time!

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I'd like to welcome the incoming class into the OU dance program, if any BT users are out there.


I know that you will be attending in the fall, FYBTara. You don't have enough posts to PM yet, but if you'd like another student to get to know over the summer, I'd be happy to share my e-mail address!

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I'd love that, glissade_jete...how should we go about exchanging contact info, though? I don't want to get off topic in this thread or anything, and I know I don't have PM privileges yet :shrug:

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Actually, my e-mail address is posted in my user profile. Feel free to e-mail!

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According to one of the faculty members, the incoming freshman class is around 20 students. However, I'm not sure if that's JUST the ballet department, or ballet and modern combined...


However, I'm thinking it's the ballet department, as usually the incoming class size is dependant upon the size of the class that just graduated, and this past year all our juniors graduated WITH the seniors so we lost a lot of dancers!

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That would be both pedagogy and performance. Both tracks are completely intermixed. The teachers aren't even sure of who is pedagogy vs. who is performance unless they are actively seeking that information.

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Does this program allow a double major? (a discipline outside dance) Their website doesn't address this and I can't find the answer in any of their literature my DD has received.

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