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Congrats Lady Elle! Michael Beardan has always been very thoughtful- he sent personal notes to the Utah kids when he was there last year. Utah's loss is Oklahoma's gain!


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I'm wondering if academic scholarships are included in the academic acceptance letter.  My dd got an email saying she was accepted but no academic scholarship info in the email.  Her SAT scores ended up being sent to the university really late.  She applied back in November but the SATs didn't get sent until the beginning of this month.  I did call them to make sure she would still be eligible for any academic scholarships and they said absolutely.  I'm hoping to hear about $ offered as we would like to make a final decision as soon as possible.

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Oh yes, I've checked out that page.  Just wondering if it was stated on the acceptance letter (I assume there will be a regular mailed letter).

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Does anyone have thoughts/suggestions regarding meal plans for ballet majors?  We are trying to decide how many meals versus points : ). Thank you in advance!  

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More points, less meals. Dancers don't often have "mealtime" breaks, and you'll end up losing "meals" every week. Points work much better for rehearsal schedules. In fact, when I was a student there, the freshmen who had meal plans with a lot of meals usually ended up treating multiple upperclassmen to lunch/dinner at the end of the week because they had so many meals accumulated by Friday/Saturday that they couldn't possibly use them all up themselves.

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My daughter was hope ng to minor in business management or marketing but all I can find is the ability to minor in either of these IF majoring in another field WITHIN the Business college.  😕  Any thoughts?  She doesn't feel she can succesfully double major and stay super focused on dance but really feels the need to at least minor in another field.


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I remember the advisors at OU making a big deal out of a double major not being the same as a dual degree. A double major is specifically for getting two different majors within the same college (ex,  there was a dancer who double majored in ballet performance and studio art, as they both fell under the College of Fine Arts). 

Dual degrees are considered much more difficult because the gen-ed requirements between the different colleges don't necessarily match up, which is why they are more time consuming (and more expensive). I can't remember what they were exactly off the top of my head, but I had fellow dancers who also majored in things like communications or marketing. I may be wrong, but I don't believe they were minors; I'm fairly certain they majored in those areas.

It's worth asking the dance department staff what they think. Those would be some of the easier degrees to manage just because they don't require additional "lab" hours and such. I minored and also went through the Honors College (basically another minor in itself) and I graduated early, so the scheduling is possible for the extra outside courses. I 100% suggest getting the additional degree if at all possible. It will open up many more doors than just a BFA in the future.


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She's at least wanting to minor in something else.  Is that what you did, glissade_jete?

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My DD did minor in another field, one that was mostly on line classes.  While she was at OU there were a number of students either getting a second major (Math and business come to mind) and many who were getting minors. DD at first wanted to major in journalism but the introductory classes all conflicted with the dance schedule.  Good luck to her!



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Yes, I minored in Spanish, which I dropped down to after initially planning to major in that as well. I only switched to the minor for financial reasons, not scheduling ones. Between Spanish and the many additional courses required for the Honors College, it was just a lot of extra tuition for my parents, who were footing the bill that remained after scholarships.

If your daughter knows that she's interested in business or marketing (or whatever else) I STRONGLY suggest she look into earning the additional degree rather than just a minor. Oftentimes, minors are only open to students already within that specific college because it means the students minoring already have the relevant gen-eds for that college. Minors are usually advanced coursework, just more streamlined, so it's assumed the student already has the foundational courses under their belt.

However, as someone who successfully reached the pinnacle of landing a job in a professional company after graduation, I can't say enough how important I think an academic degree is for dancers. I had several fellow ballet majors who did earn degrees in marketing or business, or did a pre-med or pre-PT track, and ended up working in those fields or going to grad school after a year of being unable to land a contract (or even deciding by graduation that they didn't actually want to dance). Meanwhile, there were dancers who earned only the BFA and were unable to find company work and actually had to go back to school for a new bachelor's degree in order to change careers. A BFA is a decent enough degree, but a more academic bachelor's degree offers a lot more to fall back on outside of the arts world.

I suppose my point is that dancing at a top university is wonderful, but it's a hefty price tag for *only* ballet training. Trying to juggle the additional degree is a challenge and very time-consuming, but I can't say enough how important I think it is for a dancer's future, whether they dance professionally or not.  I'd suggest reaching out to the business college and seeing which degrees might be possible within the constraints of the dance schedule. As dcns mentioned, some degrees are more or less impossible because certain classes are offered on a limited basis which conflict with rehearsals, but others have much better course offerings.

If your daughter is motivated she should be able to make it work. She at least could try a full degree and then drop down to a minor if it's too much for her. Luckily, majoring in ballet doesn't consume you with homework. =P I just think it's easier to get the additional degree concurrently while the dancers have departmental/academic scholarships (harder to come by for returning adult students) and the support of their parent(s).

You are asking all the right questions though, Lady Elle!


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Yes glissade_jete, my thoughts exactly.  I'm hoping somehow an additional degree won't break the bank.  She is already going to have way more in loans then I feel comfortable about (with a pursuit of a career that is not lucrative).  Her interest after company are to teach (ballet), choreograph, possible Ballet Mistress, own a studio, maybe teach at a college level or at an arts high school.  Then if she's tire of the dance field, she also is considering teaching high school history.  

This week she will be having the tours and giving out the "final rose" to one out of 2 choices that she's narrowed it down to.  And now... we're off to catch a flight!  

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