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Ballet Talk for Dancers

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Best of luck to her in her decision! And Boomer Sooner!

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5 hours ago, Lady Elle said:

This week she will be having the tours and giving out the "final rose" to one out of 2 choices that she's narrowed it down to.  And now... we're off to catch a flight!  

Just don't do what the bachelor did last night and change your mind after that final rose:D  Good luck!

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Hahaha! Yes, trying to avoid that at all costs! 🙄

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Thoughts on the tour:

Beautiful facilities, one large ballet studio,  one large modern studio.. Both have large area outside of the studios that is carpeted and  has a barre along a big window and two treadmills.  There is also one smaller ballet and one smaller modern studio.

Therer are two theaters.  One older and recently renovated historical theater and one larger more modern theater.

The vibe seems to be very collaborative and visionary.  

We were able to see two performances.  One was a collaboration for a special poetry week the universtiy has annually.  It was a collboration with a guest writer and the ballet dept.. It was very modern choreography for ballet.  This was just a day show that had a few local highschools in the audience and other university students and locals who were able to attend.  It was a free show.

There was also a show by the CDO company (the modern OU company).  It was really fabulous.  I was totally impressed.  The dancers included ballet students and even a few students who are majoring in other fields all together.  It was really a very professional show.  DD was inspired.


The biggest set back is my dd cannot imagine herself in this city.  It is so very different from what she's used to but the program is clearly what is the best for her. It will break my heart a little to think she's not thriving outside of dance.  😞  She's reaching out to other ballet dancers in the program who are from our area.  


* sorry for all the typos and strange words (that I dont even know what I was trying to convey).  I wrote this early before catching a flight!


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OU is an island in the state. We live 900 miles from our DS who will graduate in the next year from OU with 2 degrees. We have a few restaurants we always go to there. We have also enjoyed exploring OKC. The dancers often travel there for additional options. I think it is great that your DD is talking with other dancers. 

Out DS has thoroughly enjoyed OU and gotten a lot out of his experience even beyond the School of Dance. 

Best wishes on the decision!

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Forgot to mention that all of the shows are of the highest quality. Amazing consistency and excellent standards. What you saw is a great example. 

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Norman has a pretty good social scene as far as suburbs go. I thought going to Oklahoma sounded pretty alien at first too, but I never found my time there to be "hokey" or anything. I did end up making some non-dance friends though who were from tiny Oklahoma towns and learned how rural much of Oklahoma truly is, which was a bit shocking for me, coming from a large metropolitan area. But Norman truly does have plenty to offer. I never once experienced a point in time where I was sitting around with friends in a social setting and feeling bored with nothing to do.

Oklahoma City is a very quick drive up the interstate, and we used to head to Bricktown if we felt like being in urban bustle. We also used to drive up in the summers to take ballet classes, or at any other point to catch Oklahoma City Ballet performances, try out new pointe shoes from the shops in the city, or whatever else. So even though Norman itself a genuine college suburb, OKC is so close and quick to get to that it helps alleviate any shock that may hit prospective students who are used to being in a city.

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I'm excited to find out where your dk's are all headed!  My dd wanted to get it figured out while there were still housing options.  I think she met her roomate this weekend.  Not a dancer but a local girl who is also going to OU.  They hit it off pretty well.  I'm kind of stressing about the $$.  😕

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My daughter just accepted her offer to attend OUs dance program. She is looking forward to it! She is interested in finding another dancer for a roommate. Does anyone have connections to message boards or people looking for a roommate? 

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Congrats to your daughter Jwfalcon!  I don't have enough posts to PM; my daughter will also be a ballet major in the fall; if your daughter posts in OU Bound, I'm sure that they will connect.  We watched the live stream of Les Noces last night; it was a wonderful performance.  We are getting very excited about the opportunities ahead and I hope we can all connect in person in August!  

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It's on the OU admissions website. If she clicks "Community" in the top right corner of her OU portal, she can connect with other students there.  It is a great resource for finding a roommate : ).  

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Thank you for that information. She probably knows about it but I’m doing my best to urge her to be proactive on this and there’s a lot I don’t know. Glad to know of any resources so thank you. 

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It is a nice resource for finding a roomate.  Lots of questions to answer and then they match up like minded personalities.  There is also a instagram account that kids message each other a lot on.  It's almost like an instagram party line.  My daughter found another girl who lives close to use so they got together and hit it off.  So their rooming together.  When she checked how well they "matched up" it was pretty good.  They look at things like what time you like to go to bed, what your study habits are, how quiet you prefer a room, if you're okay with others coming over and how often, diet habits... 

I'll ask my daughter about that instagram account. 

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Jwfalcon - I pm'd you.  Did you get that?  Not sure if you have been on board long enough to receive private messages.  Let me know.  Moderators, this was just to share my daughter's social media account incase Jwfalcon's daughter wants to connect.

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