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Have any of you seen the email that just went out to our incoming freshmen ballet dancers?  :o  The ballet performance is the weekend of September 21st!  And they're strongly suggesting our kids get there by Aug 13th (I think that's what it said) for rehearsals.  Wow!  

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DD's freshman year she arrived a week to 10 days before the other students because the show was in September.  The Fine Arts Department rotates the performances between the different companies (contemporary, musical theater and ballet) so every 3 to 4 years this happens.  It was actually really nice to move in without ALL the other freshman moving in.  It gave her time to settle in with the other dancers before classes started.  


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Oh! I know the Ballet and Contemporary companies alternate Fall & Spring.  Spring show this past March was contemporary so I though ballet would have spring 2019.  A little bummed.  I have a wedding in Palm Springs that same weekend in Sept and my oldest daughter and her husband are flying in from Nashville.  I wont get to see my dd first performance and I think it's Concerto Barocco which is a really special piece for her.  😞

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Lady Elle, the performances are the last two weekends of September, so you may want to attend the second weekend.  Also, your daughter may dance in different pieces each weekend depending on casting.  The way performances are casted and scheduled is always a problem for me b/c I live far away and cannot attend both weekends. We usually have to plan our travel before the casting and schedule are posted :( .  Not ideal.

Just so you know, the ballet company also typically performs in the "off" semester, but it may just be a single performance or a special collaboration with another group such as opera. The dancers also have an opportunity to be cast in the student choreographers show in late January.

FYI, sorority rush takes place the week before classes start, so other people will be in the dorm early as well.

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Yes, I just cannot afford to fly out again AND fly her home for Christmas and fly out there for a show in the spring (and help out with tuition!).  But I know they'll be doing Nutcracker next year so I'll make sure I get out for that one - by then I should be ready to jump back into Nutcracker and enjoy it!  I didn't book my return flight until 8/15 as I thought she would only have a half day of rehearsals, but they'll be in rehearsals all day.  I sure would love to meet up with some other moms of dancers!  Anyone here live close by??

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My DD is currently researching College Ballet programs. Her ultimate goal is a career as a professional with a company. I have read through this thread and glissade_jete  has given alot of great information, but I would love to hear from someone currenty on the program to see whether the dance schedule, pas de deux, performing oppotunities are still the same.  Can someone comment on what the 2018 graduates are doing?

She attended a recent college dance fair and was told by the teacher for the OU master class that she would be a good fit. 

Also, if someone could share some details of the audition class. Is there pointe work? Do they also do contemporary?


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My daughter is currently a freshman at OU, BFA in Ballet.  

Her schedule this semester

Monday - Saturday 1 1/2 hr to 1 3/4 hr tech class

M,W,F - 1 1/4 hr pointe class

T, Th - 2 hr Company Class

T, Th 1 1/4 hr pilates class (elective)

M - Th 6 pm - 9 pm rehearsals.  This was the first week she did not have evening rehearsals as they just started a new piece and the show is in a few weeks so the group that was cast for the new piece needed more time.

Saturday - rehearsals as needed.  Last week was the only week so far they she did not have any Saturday rehearsal.

She has stage makeup class once a week and history and economics.  

Next semester she'll probably take a pas class

You can see what some of the grads from last year are on instagram.  I can get back to you on that.

My DD says it's run very much like a professional company.  

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Some companies listed

Ballet Evolution

Nashville Ballet II

Fort Wayne Ballet

Those are just some of the 2018 graduates that they've posted about on their instagram page.

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Oh, and regarding comtemporary.  She is not taking a comtemporary or really modern class this semester.  She might next semester.  The choreography, however, is very contemporary unless they're cast in a classical piece.  This fall show is the Ballet show.  They are dancing Balanchine's Concerto Borroco, a piece choreographed on them by Amy Hall Garner who is a choreographer with Ailey, and another piece by Alejando Cerrudo who is resident choreographer for Hubbard Street.  

Incoming freshmen can only perform in the show of their study (ballet or contemporary) but the years after that they can audition for any show.  So you have ample opportunity to dance and perform both.  My DD and I toured the university last spring during the contemporary company's performance and it was really good, even had some pieces en pointe so even the contemporary choreography can be more contemporary ballet.  


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We called to ask about timing, and they said letters were going in mail Monday - so should be arriving this week. Good luck to everyone!


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DD received her acceptance today in the mail. It might have arrived earlier this week, we hadn't checked the mail in a few days.  😊



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DD was accepted into the Dance program.  I am wondering if anyone presently can speak to any changes in the program since the new director has been there. Is he actively involved in teaching and choreographing? DD said at a College fair he spoke of trying to change the way people viewed College dance, and definitely having it as a step to a Company. What is the impression of those that are currently in the program? Also, does anyone know how the connection between Oklahoma City Ballet and OU works? 

And lastly,  is the March deadline for acceptance ("non-binding") more for scholarships? I am not certain DD will have heard from her other auditions by then. 

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