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It is do-able only if class scheduling allows. Unlike other subjects and fields of study at a large university, there are not multiple ballet classes from which to choose. The second field of study must fit around the ballet classes which are set in stone. Rehearsals also impact this. Our DS took an additional semester to complete the BA after finishing the BFA in May. 

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Thanks you everyone for all this incredibly helpful information.  As far as scholarships, does any one know if they give out many tiny ones, just a few larger, or???  

Does anyone currently know about why they are seeking to fill a part time professor position?  Is someone retiring, taking sabbatical, or are they creating a new position? 

Also, I have a few dorming questions--  Is there a way for the dancers to find each other and request each other (as roommates) before the year starts?  ...Or is this not a good idea?  Also, I've spent a little time reading parenting pages and am finding conflicting information regarding whether the towers are being replaced.  Our visit was so long ago, I can't remember what was said (and am actually considering another visit to refresh before completely committing).  

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My daughter is considering the summer intensive/classes.  When your  daughter did this as a freshman, did she then go back for one of the freshman summer orientation sessions as well?  Did you attend a parenting session?  We have a super busy summer and as we are trying to make all these decisions, I figured we should consider these items as well.   Thank you!

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She did her orientation the Thursday before the summer program started because she wanted to do it early before classes filled.  It sounds like that was a good decision since other people had difficulty with getting their classes if they enrolled later.  There were parent sessions as part of orientation that were informative, but we didn't come back for the two day special parent thing.  I didn't hear anything later that made me regret that decision.   My daughter did not do the Camp Crimson either feeling like the summer program was her introduction to campus life as a dancer..and that kind of thing is not her cup of tea since she's an introvert!

Apparently one of my previous replies didn't post, so here it is too!  (I'm not good at this!)

I agree with the points that have already been made.  My daughter feels that she is getting a LOT of individual corrections and attention from all of the instructors.  They seem very willing to talk with her and answer specific questions about how she's doing.  They do a midterm one on one meeting with each of the dancers discussing their progress, goals and aspirations and how to help them get there.  The atmosphere among students also seems very supportive particularly for the ballet majors.  My daughter says she has never had so many friends!

My daughter attended the summer semester this past summer and had a painful infected toenail.  Michael Bearden was understanding and supportive even while he was encouraging her to tough it out.  He seems to truly care about the dancers and even had a one-on-one talk with my daughter about not worrying so much about what he thinks and just dance without being so hard on herself.  He really pegged her personality right away!

There haven't been enough performances to know how balanced casting is, but it is clear that there are a few VERY strong dancers who have many opportunities.  There are enough roles though that it seems that it gets spread around to more than just one or two.  


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Thank you AKM!  Sounds like if this is where she lands for college, she will just need to register before the summer intensive starts like you suggested:)

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I don't know if the scholarship situation differs each year, but my daughter was one of several who received tiny renewable scholarships.  

I don't know if anyone who has been there long term is leaving although two current lecturers are applying for the professor position.  I think they have tried to fill the position in the past but didn't find anyone because one of the lecturers this year (who is amazing by the way) was only here for this year.

I think before my daughter's freshman year the incoming students formed some kind of group chat to connect before classes started.  I think that may have been after roommates would have had to be chosen, though.  I don't know if that's a good idea or not.  My daughter's roommate is not a dancer, so it's kind of nice to have an opportunity to connect with students in other programs.  They also spend a lot of time together in the program, so maybe it's good to have a break.  However, my daughter does sometimes feel left out of social activities because she is not living in the Towers.  She is in David L Boren Hall which I think was a good decision but she is a little isolated sometimes.  As an introvert though sometimes a break is nice.  

I know there's lots of talk about mold problems in the Towers, but I have not heard credible evidence that they are being replaced.  I do think that Honors College students will have the option of living in Headington next year instead of David L Boren Hall which would be REALLY nice.

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Yeah- you actually touched on what I was trying to find out without being too direct!  I have read a bit about potential mold issues (and apparently there are some at many universities) and also learned that Headington fills EXTREMELY quickly.  My daughter is accepted in the honors program and they alluded to new housing options for them but no info yet has been shared (we even sent an email asking).  I would much rather she be in Boren than the towers even just for health reasons.  

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It would be wonderful if Headington becomes Honors housing.  That's where my daughter stayed for the summer intensive and it's really nice.  DLB is older and has community bathrooms, but I really think she ended up liking it better than the Towers if that is another option for you.  I think it is cheaper too.  I like the room layout better and it's nice that it is smaller and (relatively) quieter.  

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We were told by the honors college that they are opening up the residential colleges for freshman honors students, but that won't be available as an option until April. 

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Aprillily, I sent you a message so that our DD's could communicate if they would like,  but not sure if you can get them as you are new member.  Let me know if you were able to get the message.


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My DD is interested in UO and we are going out later this month for a visit.  Is there anything that you recommend we try to see or people to talk to?  She is currently a Jr and I think OK may be a shock to her coming from the PNW.

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I think a lot depends on what is important to your daughter. For mine, that would be great, healthy food options ... didn't find much in Norman. So we focused on the campus, the educational opportunities, the dance facilities and faculty. She also enjoyed the dancers that we spoke to. We didn't have time to visit Oklahoma City, we are going to try to squeeze that in when we visit again this coming week. 

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On 2/15/2019 at 5:59 PM, leaper said:

It is do-able only if class scheduling allows. Unlike other subjects and fields of study at a large university, there are not multiple ballet classes from which to choose. The second field of study must fit around the ballet classes which are set in stone. Rehearsals also impact this. Our DS took an additional semester to complete the BA after finishing the BFA in May. 

I just wanted to point out that there is both a morning and an afternoon MWF Ballet III class which gives a little flexibility.  Either Ballet III or Ballet IV counts toward the major and I believe they are flexible about Ballet IV taking the lower level class to fit their schedules.  TTh is less flexible.  So far even this little bit of flexibility helps!


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Definitely plan to spend time in the dance building and observing class since that's where dancers spend a LOT of time.  It would be great if you could see a performance too.  I would think a faculty member would be able to meet with you if you contact the department office and you could get a tour.  I know my daughter was asked to meet with a prospective student to discuss her experience working toward a math double major, so I know they can arrange such things.  An official campus tour including a visit to the dorms would also be important.  My daughter spends most of her time on campus, so I would focus on that rather than the larger community.  A visit to Main Street and Campus Corner in Norman would be good though.

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MKBmom, I would agree with trying to observe a Ballet or modern class, depending on which your DD wants to be her focus.  A tour of the dance facility and s campus tour are both very helpful. I think that seeing the caliber of the dance was the deciding factor for my DD. 

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