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I'm going to offer my perspective on some of these topics.  My daughter is currently a freshman in the ballet program and loves it.  She did NOT do the summer intensive, nor Camp Crimson, nor did we go out to OU for registration!!  We live in Southern CA and going out was just too expensive.  If you live over a certain distance, they allow you to register via video conference with your advisor.

We DID visit in May (I think?) and we were there when the modern/contemporary program had their performance.  There was also a short performance for some elementary schools that we were able to sit in on.  These performances really solidified my daughters decision to attend OU.  Even the contemporary company performance was very "ballet".  Now, this might not be the case every year but she was really impressed.  

She also did receive a small scholarship.  

Dorms & mold.  I am also on those parent pages where there is a whole lot of drama concerning mold.  My daughter is in one of the towers (Couch) and has not suffered any ill effects.  The maintenance staff has been very prompt at addressing any concerns they've had (bunking the beds and fixing the thermostat).  

Regarding climate/culture change from west coast - yep, it's something to get used to for sure.  Learning how to walk on ice, deal with humidity, etc takes some time.  Finding "your people" will always be difficult in freshman year.  My daughter did meet her roommate prior to moving in and she purposely chose someone outside of dance which worked out nicely.  They'll be getting an apartment together next year.

Faculty - yes, one of the teachers was only there for this year (unfortunately) and she is fantastic, but it was a short term contract.  There is a "tenure" or full professor position that at least one of the "lecturers" (non full professor, aka class teacher) is applying for the tenure position.  

Healthy food - it's doable. You just have to be intentional.  My daughter often gets plain grilled chicken (usually used for sandwiches) and steamed veggies.  I think she has to ask for this but they haven't had a problem.  And the eateries at "The Cross" have some good options.

Oh, and there is a group chat somewhere.  I'll see if that's still happening and let you know what that is all about.


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Thank you, Lady Elle for all that information!  We will just watch and see about faculty.  We know the dorming situation will just be the luck of the draw- but thank you for sharing that the drama around mold probably has been hyped (it helps to lessen any worry).  By any chance, were you able to find the information about the group chat?  Resources and connections with other parents are never a bad thing - especially when one doesn't live close to the school! 

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There are two facebook pages for parents.  "Boomer Sooner Parents" and "Sooner Parents Group".  There are several parents of incoming freshmen currently asking questions on that page. And something that I didn't mention, the teacher my daughter knows is applying for the tenure position is really fantastic.  She has a very pro-active vision to get OU's ballet program more on the radar in the community and nationwide.  She's also a really good teacher.

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Thank you Lady Elle!  My DD has been able to connect with other incoming  and current dancers by searching /posting with  instagram hashtags such as #ou23 and #oudance. .  I'll check out the parent groups you mentioned for my OU connections.  Fingers crossed the known teacher is hired😊

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My daughter will go to OU in the fall. I’m not sure what type of food plan is best for a ballet performance schedule. Does anyone have any advice as to number of meals and points we should purchase? 

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Meal plans are very individual.  My daughter started with 6 meals a week and whatever points that came with.  She changed it to 8 meals a week with the corresponding points.  I did need to purchase extra points for her last semester.  She has a job this semester so that helps.  My husband also gave her a starbucks card which he puts $$ on regularly.

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My daughter has just decided she will attend OU’s ballet program in the fall. We are super excited! She is trying to find another ballet major to room with. She just reached out to one possible person this morning, but that individual is the only one she’s found so far, and we don’t know what her plans are yet. Anyone here have a daughter who’s also looking for a match? Regardless of the rooming situation, would be good to make the connection!

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ginnykyct, I'm pretty sure we talked at the cincinnati audition and went to a breakout session together. Several incoming OU ballet majors have a group chat going. I can't message you directly because you haven't posted enough,  darn. We need to get your DD added to that.

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Hi ginnykyct!   My daughter is the one that started the group. I will try to send you a message so you can give me her contact information or we will figure it out with an email. Welcome


addendum:  apparently I can’t send messages either. If you post your email we can chat or if you just post your daughters Instagram that would work ( I would pass it to my daughter) and the third idea is if your daughter posts on the #OUBound ( if she wants to publicly declare she’s going there in the dance department) my daughters been watching that frequently.  I think there’s now 8+ dancers in this incoming group. I think it’s great to all know each other before hand😊

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Per BT4D Rules and Policies, please do not post personal social media sites, addresses, or links.

Adults may exchange their own e-mail addresses, but we do recommend you remove them once received.  

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Welcome ginnykyct! I hope we can figure out how to get your DD connected.  My DD is so excited and it seems like a lovely group of incoming freshman.  Micheal Bearden's office may be able to help as well. 

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Ginnykyct-never mind!  Through a mutual teacher in Connecticut, my daughter found her and will reach out and get her added!  9 dancers so far....

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Thank you all so much! My daughter did receive the invitation yesterday—she was so excited to have found her peers! My email address is ginnykyct@gmail.com. Please feel free to reach out to make a personal connection as we begin this journey together. 😊

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