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My DD heard from another friend who has committed to OU.  I think that she will get her added to the group chat as well.  I believe that will make 10 lovely dancers.

It is so nice that they can all start to get to know each other before fall.


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Wow!  Fun for our dancers that they will hopefully have an easier transition with knowing (most?) everyone.  Now I’m wondering how many more dancers are out there that will be in the program.  I know it’s a small community but this was almost too easy. I’m a little worried about program size— .....One of the reasons OU was chosen over others was because of the smaller class sizes.  

At the audition information session, Professor Bearden made a comment about keeping the department small and actually trying to make it smaller (therefore ensuring personal attention and reasonable performance opportunities). When I mentioned this to Jessica in the office she stated something along the lines of  “she wasn’t sure about that”.  At a later date she shared that they accepted something like 18% of auditioning students (I’m hoping I remember this correctly) and until they hear from all the accepted dancers (by May 1) they have no idea how many will be in the program next year! 

As a parent, it’s hard to not have a few concerns.  I have to have confidence it’ll all work out.  I know our dancers will make the best of this wonderful opportunity.  

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My sense was that the class would be 15 ish total, and when my DD visited and took class with the Level 4 there were only 11 dancers, and the Company class was about 45-50 (this was Freshman-Seniors)  I also recall Micheal Bearden stating how the year before was larger than he wanted, and he was planning to have less in the future.  At least looking at the present numbers, I think that even with a few more in the Freshman class ( you always lose some over the years)  it will still be a nice size class.  I am hoping that there are some boys joining as well.  

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I too was under the impression it was going to be a small class from the audition information session. Over the phone, I was told that the combined dance program usually ranges between 80-90 dancers between Ballet / Modern. Apparently, sometimes there are more in one program over the other. maybe more this year in ballet over modern?

Class size was not the only reason but of course it played heavily into DD's decision😐

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We just visited again last week, and we heard that they had a record number of dancers audition this year, but that they lowered the acceptance rate. They anticipate 15 or less for ballet. My daughter liked the small size of the class she took; the ones we glimpsed through the glass wall/window ranged from 10 to 20 students. Our understanding is that all freshmen will have performance opportunities, regardless of the exact number of students who end up attending.


tprice: I think we did have a nice conversation at the Cincinnati audition! Great to know that your daughter will be with mine! :) 

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I just found this group and want to say Hi! My dd is also joining the freshman class of ballet dancers. But don’t worry, she’s already counted in the chat group. 😉 I know that she’s enjoyed getting to know your girls! She will be rooming with another dance major that she met at a summer intensive and is very excited to start the fall semester. 

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Friendly Moderator Reminder:

Please keep in mind the purpose of this particular thread:

It is for sharing information about the actual program and will be used as a research tool for students and parents who will be considering it now and in the future.  

It is wonderful to connect via it initially, but please do not turn it into a ‘chat’ thread.

And please, this post is not directed at any one member, nor is it meant to scold anyone.  It is simply a reminder to keep in the mind the purpose of these particular threads.  No response (including apologies) is necessary.

Carry on.  :D

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Thank you.

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3elizajane just to get an idea of the size of the program.  Last year they had, I think, 13 incoming freshmen but 2 of them dropped due to injury or something else.  It think this year might be around 15.  That's still VERY small.  60ish total in the ballet program?  It's a great program.  My daughter is ITCHING to get back!!

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Hoping to find some that are or did audition for OU this fall as the waiting process begins! My D was at the first audition in Oct and there was a full class of ballet (35 I think) as well as a full class of modern (also 35-ish). The afternoon had ballet only audition. We were told there would be response via snail mail in about 2 weeks. The program, instructors, and facilities are really fantastic and many of the dancers there do have double majors. There are plenty of opportunities to perform for all including freshmen and choreography opportunities beginning sophomore year. Hoping to hear from others in the audition process for entry Fall 2020.

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jujones I looked at the thing of letters from last year for SI which were emailed the same time as letters were dated/mailed and it was 2 weeks literally that the letters were dated. They either went out in the mail that day or the next to those auditioning for admission (mine was a Junior but had friends auditioning for admission). So the letters arrived within the week of that depending on where you live and how many days for the post office to get it to you from OK. in the SE, they had the letter on Thursday of the 3rd week. We are estimating 10/30-11/1 for letter arrival. Unfortunately, we will be traveling to another audition and my D has to wait until our return Sunday to see it if it arrives then! Keep us posted!

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My DD auditioned that weekend as well.  I was wondering if your kids had submitted their full application yet or are they waiting for the audition results.

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Lady Elle,

I am wondering how this semester is going for your daughter and if there has been any feedback regarding faculty.


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