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bbyblmrs, We had submitted the full application and have been accepted to OU. We are waiting on the audition results to make our final decision if she will attend as a double major.  We had also taken the the university campus tour in August. This is one of our top choices due to the quality of dance program and flexibility of double major. This is the last result we are waiting for before making the final decision. My DD has already been accepted to dance at Butler and UofA  :)

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Forgive me, but I can't seem to find if there is a U of Oklahoma Summer Intensive post here. Can someone please point me in the right direction?  Or if one does not exist does anyone have any experience with it?

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Jujones - accepted before auditioning? How does that work?

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Bbyblmrs - this semester is going great though extremely busy with Nutcracker, YCS and one of the senior capstones that she’s performing in.  Faculty - great.  Same teachers as last year. Mr. Boyco, Jan (who she adores and is tough), and Rebecca who she also adores.  Tonight is their annual Gala which is always fun.  Very company like.  

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Thank-you Lady Elle and Jujones.

Can anyone speak to the types of double majors that are possible with the ballet major schedule?  

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I know of business and I think math double majors.  I think maybe a marketing double major.  Some of those girls might be going for BA in ballet as opposed to a BFA.  Some are pedagogy ballet majors.  Oh also, the new gentleman from PNB is very good.  

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I know of 3 math majors (one being my D; 2 are freshmen, 1 sophomore) and a journalism major (freshman). We mapped out all four years - we did that with all the universities she was considering. She is getting a BFA in Performance Ballet and a BA in math. Luckily she worked hard in HS and came in with 36 hours which took care of a lot of gen.eds. With math she needed more foreign language (that's a requirement of the college of arts & sciences) - she had 4 years in HS and was able to take the last year concurrently at the community college so she had enough credits and tested out (you have to do both). Even with that, she will have 17-20 credit hours each semester until senior year - our strategy was to get her to the point where she could cut down her hours the last year since she will have to do a capstone for each major. She is also in the honors college - so that adds a few more hours. She is planning to take history online during the summer at our local community college - so that will help. 

So do-able, but you need to plan; don't count on the dance advising to understand the requirements of the second degree; don't expect your academic adviser to understand ballet ("so you took ballet 3 this semester, so do you want to take ballet 4?"🤣). In general, when looking at a second degree, you want a degree that has 40 or less in major hours (in my honest opinion) - at OU that is stated at the top of every degree check list. My D chose the BA in math rather than the BS because the required math classes were more flexible. 

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I will echo tprice that a double major is very doable.  My DD is double major in Ballet performance and Math and also in the Honors College.  Although it takes some planning and she will also get some classes done in summer, she seems to be managing well.  We were told by Academic advisor that Honors College might be too difficult, but you can overlap some classes with Honors requirements.  In addition, Honors College students can schedule earlier which is a big advantage in trying to get classes that fit with dance classes. 

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Wow, thank-you ladies.  It's great to hear that there are more academic options. It also tells me we need to get DD's act together.☺️


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nansue1898, we were at the jazz showcase in Oct. My dancer received a phone call from Ms Lowe two days after. At the Q&A they indicated Dec. was the approximate mailing dates. 

Also, my DD is interested in the medical field and we learned at OU there are others doing the same one is on the way to being a MD. 

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Jujones - I think you might have mixed OU with U of A? OU doesn’t have a Jazz Showcase. 😊

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Yes answering another’s question about UofA that no longer is on the feed. Thank you for all the clarifications Lady Elle.  Wish everyone well on OU results and hoping they come soon. 

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DD received an acceptance letter into the ballet program this morning.  Still waiting to hear about her general application.

Am I correct in thinking that there are four main levels at OU with some additional half steps?

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bbyblmrs There are 2 levels for ballet majors: 3 & 4. Level 3 is split into 2 levels - so really there are 3 levels, in my honest opinion.  Freshmen are placed in the lower level 3. They'll be evaluated over the first week when they arrive in the fall. This year, 3 of the 23 freshmen were moved to the second level 3. Only 3 were able to move because of scheduling issues. Very few girls are in level 4. I wouldn't worry about the leveling at OU - all of the girls are amazing dancers or they wouldn't be there. 

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