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daughter wants more dance hours

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Always remember, too, that no decision is written in stone.  ALL decisions can be changed as needed.  :flowers:

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Sometimes our best laid plans fall apart and then we see a perfect option that wasn't there before.

Best of luck!

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gabby's mom

Also consider additional classes in a lower level.  There can be great value in refining those tiny details in ballet and working at a slower pace can really be beneficial.  Taking class at the level above means attempting skills before you are technically ready, which could open your dancer up to injury.

My daughter has taken class at two schools where additional classes below hers were free as long as all classes at her level had been attended that week.

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Great idea. 

Thanks so much 

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Meechellealan - I thought I would share my DD's experience and what seems to be working for us as we have a similar story to yours. Much of it will second what others have shared and suggested.

Like you, I have no dance background. When my DD decided she wanted to take dance classes, we signed her up at "Studio A" just because the daughter of someone we knew (who also has no dance background) went there and they liked it (common story). Studio A is, I now realize, a dolly dinkle commercial competitive studio. If only I knew back then what I know now! My DD eventually was on the competitive company there. Studio A does great on that circuit, but that is a whole different world of tricks over technique. A little over two years ago when my DD was 11, through what I believe must be divine intervention :-), we left Studio A. We found an amazing ballet studio with a youth company and a faculty of former professionals who also have dance teaching credentials. My DD was completely lost in her ballet trial class. She catches on quickly though. 

Her ballet studio put her in Pre-Pointe and after some months of preparation, they started Pointe. The ballet studio also had her take some lower level classes to fill in the gaps and get the foundation and basics of the movements down solidly. My DD fell in love with ballet and kept slowly adding on to her training. She has continued taking classes at dual levels even as she has moved up levels (more quickly than usual). It means she is also able to take more hours than the maximum available at one level. She now takes about 12 hours of ballet per week + 4 hours in other classes (other dance styles and conditioning classes) + rehearsal hours (for the youth company).

My DD started cyber schooling this year and I agree with Noodles, the flexibility has helped manage the stress level. As others have pointed out, it does take a student who can learn independently to be successful and just because it is cyber does not mean less demanding learning. It is more efficient learning (so overall fewer hours) and more flexibility with scheduling the learning around dance schedule demands. For us, it was definitely the right decision.

As far as a performing arts high school, I am not familiar with the one you mentioned. However, we have a local arts high school with strong academics where I live. It has a dance program, but the students who train at the quality ballet studios in the area and attend the arts high school, do not take classes in the dance program there. This is because the level of training in the HS program is actually below what they are getting at their ballet studios. Instead they are at the arts school for the academics and to take courses in a secondary art they also like (visual art, theatre, music, etc.). Is it possible that is the case in your area?

When my DD's former peers and parents from Studio A see her perform, they say they would not even recognize her as the same dancer. Also, we are happy with SI audition results, especially given her late start. So, it seems her training schedule has been helping her improve significantly. 

Best wishes on your DD's journey!


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your story sounds very similar to mine. My daughter as well left a competition dance studio. They were more focused on competitions during the first half of the year and the second was getting ready for the recital at the end of the year  

I appreciate the insight. Tomorrow we will audition for the Harid summer intensive and will wait to see if she gets in. 

I have a meeting next week to talk to the director of the current studio to map out a plan for next year if she doesn’t make it into Harid. 


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