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I’m a clueless mom trying to help my dancers navigate through the process of ballet summer intensive auditions and choosing the right program to fit their needs and goals. I am not tech savvy so I’m also not certain where to begin and how to use this so please be patient with me. As I googled reviews for ballet programs several sites referred to this forum to gain valued info. I’m going to explore. I’m mainly looking for info about some of the experiences kids have had at the different programs. Which they felt they grew from. Was the dorm and housing experience good or bad, etc. It’s such an expensive investment... I want to research as much as possible to make a well informed decision with which program to commit too. 

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Victoria Leigh

Welcome, teatime!  You have come to the right place, and I think we have a lot of information you are looking for on our SI forums. Research and informed decisions are definitely the way to go. :)

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Welcome, I'm here for similar reasons.  The "dance process" to date has seemingly been manageable, but sending a young teen out of town for weeks (and thousands of dollars) is a much more daunting task.

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