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August Richmond experience!

Guest dancerwannabe

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Guest dancerwannabe

I figured since my previous post had all of that stuff before the camp, I'd open up a new thread so that we can rave about the ballet camp experience and convince the rest of our ballet alert friends to attend. It's so wierd (and great) to be able to associate email names with faces and real names! I read that Attitude girl was saying how much peoples personalities really do pop through with their posts. I'm very proud to have gone and made it through without killing myself. My feet hurt a little but in all I feel good. I'm sort of danced around the level 1 and 2 classes and am happy I did so. It allowed me to not fatigue myself. The main reason I was there was to concentrate on getting corrections for the basics so I don't pick up any more bad habits. Got some really good and very original corrections regarding my standing posture and my behind.. Pedro was obsessed with my jelly behind. I don't think I'll ever live down the "skinny lady with the hinny." LIke I said earlier, I LOVED the partnering class. Having someone you have to dance with makes you want to try harder because a. you don't want to look like an idiot. and b. you don't want to hurt them with an arm or leg gone wild. I really enjoyed the kinesiology and stretching lecture. It was fun to perform. I felt sort of awkward and goofy but once the music played you sort of forgot about it until you messed up. I enjoyed watching the other groups very much. Particularly the Mens' variation (both sets) were quite inspiring and the women's 3/4 variations.

I already have this whole list of things I want to work on for next year. I cannot recommend this enough to those of you who haven't been. It really is an excellent experience. If you have the opportunity to go, you really should. I'll be excited to see 2 left feets pointe magazine article about Richmond in December! It really is such a special event.


Attitude girl-

I can't remember the name of the club but it was fun! It was the ultimate people watching place. I thought Ann T. made a love connection too.. I was watching Heidi dance and she sort of reminded me of one of the scenes from flashdance. She's so cool.

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Guest venecha

Everyone...please post your experiences and photos if you have any! I desperately wanted to attend, but couldn't. This year I have to live vicariously through you guys... :D

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I can't say enough about the instructors from RICHMOND in both the June and August sessions.


We actually had more teachers in August - but it was a larger number of dancers as well. They added a jazz class that worked on some Bob Fosse routines, boy was that fun, and I hope they will add more classes for next year.


The level 4 ballet classes were excellent and challenging as well, and the variations are always stressful - trying to learn a men's solo variation in four days, wow.


The performance in August was in a real theatre setting and we were transported via bus to the theatre. I sure it will make for more impressive video and photographs.


Will write more later.



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You need to save the photos first as a .jpg in a program like picture it! or something like that.


Select save for the web or email and then save it with a title at 1/2 to 1/4 page.


This way they will up load and download faster.


hope this helps



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Here's a shot of BA members who attended the August session. Several have joined since who are not pictured here:


Left to right:

Back row: Mic31, Sorry can't remember the girl in red, Ce, LA Girl, Attitude Girl, Tige, Sheila, 2 Left Feet

Front Row: Dancerwannabe, Chris T.


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Here's LA Girl (Who lurks and sometimes posts), Me and Dancerwannabe.


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Since Prince Rob covered the front of the house, I thought I'd add the backstage views.


Here the upper level does their variation:


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I think 2LF wrote the wrong name,. He is MJ from CT.


Prince Rob



P.S. Don't know where I was when that picture was taken.?

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Can we all just abandon our real lives and go back to Richmond and live at the Crowne Plaza and dance. We'll go to bed by 9:30 (had to of been there to get it)

2LF, you're right I should be wine lady. This has been so much fun to read p/a few glasses of Pinot. The back stage shots are great!! I need a few lessons from you to make my camera do what I want it to!

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