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Ballet Talk for Dancers

August Richmond experience!

Guest dancerwannabe

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Sorry, Mic31. Guess I never really did ask Mike his BA name. Sheila, if you change your name to wine lady I'll change mine to Cosmo Guy. ;)


Putting the finishing touches on the diary follow up for criticaldance. Should be up in a few days.



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That article doesn't come out until December. Some of you will be getting phone calls from me soon asking about the program. Still working on it.

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no worries 2lf...you guys can get me in the group shot next year. Thanks again for all your hard work this summer, it's really cemented my decision to go next year. I think that I may be bringing a few Canadians with me.

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For the "War and Peace" version of the Richmond Intensive, the follow up to last years diary is now up on the Criticaldance Studio forum. It's long. Bring a cup of coffee. Bring a lunch. Maybe dinner. :(

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Push yourself beyond the edge of exhaustion

Never give up

Noone will see little mistakes, so act like it! (thx Sheila!)

Repetition brings perfection

Mark the tricky parts when someone else is doing their centre (aka copycatting)

Deserts are evil, especially in the evening (low blood sugar the next day)

Warm up in the moring and stretch in the evening.


What I need to keep reminding myself:

Lock the knees on releve

relax during stretches

drink water, before you are thirsty

sweets lead to a sugar crash, especially in studio


pull up on turns, pull up on poses



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Guest Anders

Luna, a great article!


I think she really nails certain things, such as the descriptions of the "unnatural" feats required for ballet: "to turn out your legs so your knees and feet face sideways, to reach for the sky with your fingertips while your shoulders and ribs remain low and relaxed, to curve your feet like crescent moons, then balance on them."


"You accept that perfection will elude you, as it so often does, but you find the rewards in the process of pursuing it." I very much agree with the rewards in the process of pursuing perfection, but I am still striving for perfection - within my own limits - and have not given up the hope that what I do will actually look pleasing to others.


That said, there is no denying that I find a lot of comfort in the quote: "Anything worth doing is worth doing badly."


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