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Hello to all!

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Hello and thank you for allowing me to join this forum!  I am the mother of a 13 year old dancer, who has been pursuing a ballet career since she was 3 years old.  She is incredibly driven and has always had the goal of becoming a professional dancer.  Always. Her father and I try to support her the best we can, financially and emotionally, but we have reservations about her dreams because we do know that statistically, her chances are not terrific!  We quite honestly wish she had chosen something to focus on that didn't require such intense dedication and perfection, but it brings her such joy and fulfillment, it's difficult to imagine her doing something else.  She currently homeschools and attends a terrific day program for dance, which is 4-5 hours daily, including ballet/jazz/modern/character, and stretch/conditioning.  We are a military family who has relocated several times, causing our dd to change studios, and of course instructors, friends, and even training styles.  We have tried in every location to find the best training available, but I think the lack of relationships with instructors has left us "hanging out to dry" in terms of good advice for our daughter's future.  I am hoping that this site will help me figure out what's best for our daughter, and how to wisely navigate this stage of her development.  I rely heavily on the experience of parents who've 'GONE BEFORE' and appreciate any advice given.  Thank you!

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Victoria Leigh

Welcome to our forums, bean9000!  We are happy that you have joined us, and think that you will find a massive amount of help and support here from our very large group of very experienced parents and moderators. :D

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