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Which summer intensive would i benefit most from?

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Hey, i'm a m(16) and i have started dancing ballet about 7 months ago. I know it is a very short amount of time, but i'm dead set and know for a fact that this is what i want to do for the rest of my life. My teachers tell me i have tons of talent, and i learn combinations insanely quickly. I was not born with natural pointed feet so i'm stretching everyday and same for my splits. I am a natural turner and jumper, and am already taking advanced classes at where i'm dancing. My determination and dedication shocks my teachers, and i want to become a principal dancer before 25. I know i can do it, but i become discouraged because i want to take summer intensives elsewhere from my hometown because it is very small and i'm dancing with no male teacher or any other males in my class. But i know that if i audition for a summer intensive, there will be a ton of kids better than me, and people will look at me and say we are not taking this kid. Because of my pointe and flexibility and how little ive danced. I need to put myself out there though. I want to take summer intensives but i dont know which ones to audition for. Like is joffrey worth looking into? If anyone could help me pick a summer intensive and give me more insight on what i should do thatd be great, thanks!

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Audition and see what is out there! Yes, there are people better than and worse than you. So what. Audition for as many as you can and see who bites. Many of the larger intensives have more than one program. Take a look at the Summer Intensive ratings under that heading. Ask your teachers! They know you better than anyone else. Take a look at the 

Bossov program in Maine. Smaller program but they do a full ballet. The training is Vaganova based I think.

Good luck in your search!


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