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Does this ever happen???

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Wanted to know if it has ever happened to anyone that their son was accepted into a summer intensive program without a scholarship, and then was offered one for the same program through YAGP or any other competition. My son was accepted to his top choice, but we can't afford to send him so we were wondering, if the same people see him at YAGP, would they offer a scholarship then? Thanks for any opinions.

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Oreo I am not sure what you mean by "...if the same people see him...". Often at competitions and auditions, there are different people representing schools. Everyone has a different eye therefore it is possible the chance for a scholarship might change. I do however suggest you call the "dream" SI to see if there is an possibility for financial aid. Many schools offer financial aid packages as well as scholarships.

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Parents, please respect that this is a restricted forum.  Only Parents of Boy dancers and Moderators may post here. :wink:

A few posts had to be removed. 

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