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I have horrible feet

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I’ve been dancing for a while now maybe around 5 years, my flexibility, turnout, strength is all good but my lines are ruined by one thing: my feet. I don’t have flat feet but my arch is not good at all and whatever I do instead of lengthening and pointing my toes scrunch up. How can I fix this? Please the scrunching of my toes and flat arch ruin all my lines

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Victoria Leigh

Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, badfeet. 

It sounds to me like you have not learned how to point your feet correctly. Toes do not scrunch themselves up! If you use the energy through the leg and ankle joint and out through the toes the foot should point. You need to work with a teacher on this because we cannot see what you are doing, or not doing, but it has to be incorrect usage of the foot. The toes don't do the pointing, the foot does. If you have a low arch and/or instep, the foot may not look like the "ideal" ballet foot, but if you use your rotation correctly and learn how to point correctly, it can look a lot better. :)

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