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"old" teen starting new!

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Hi everyone! I'm a 18y/o from Toronto who's recently decided to pick up ballet again (I dropped it for another activity about 8 years ago).  I've missed being in technique classes and doing barre exercises and I can't wait to be fully immersed in ballet world again. I'm looking mainly for advice on how to proceed with # of classes and types especially as I transition to university and moving around in respect to time and finding a new studio! (Super recently started training at a tiny studio doing 2 classes/week of technique that I'm ramping up to 4 after the spring break)

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Victoria Leigh

Welcome, itsangel!  Great that you are back in ballet, and we hope to provide you with both help and encouragement.  Number of classes is most likely going to depend on availability in your area, and your own schedule. Adding more classes after the break is good, but be sure that you are in a school, small or large, that offers quality training. Toronto has a number of good schools. You might find some guidance about them in our Pre-pro and Residence Schools, and also a topic about Finding a Pre-pro school. :)

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