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Anybody try these Left-Right designated slippers besides me and have success?
I will say I did a home fitting and just gaped.  I thought it would be a good idea for my feet but not so much.  The model for low vamp and low heel is what I ordered.  The vamp was twice as long as my short toes.  When they say low do they not mean short? Could they be referring to the profile on a slipper???
The low heel was very low.  Never saw anything like that before.  It did not come up to the halfway mark on my heel where it sticks out most in back. It was on the low part of the curve and I can't imagine how that would stay up on anyone.   
It is not like I needed more slippers or anything but I thought with my bunionettes a left and right shoe might be attractive.

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Thanks for the report.


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I do have them, and I really like them. I have the "high" version though.

What I am not sure about is if washing them was a good idea.  They felt different. Tonight I am going to use them for the second time after washing. We'll see how that goes

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