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Hello from me

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I'm crocro and have just started ballet about 6 months ago. Before that, I danced a few years (about 3 I guess) in a musical group (nothing serious). And you know what. I've totally found a passion for ballet. And the most awesome thing is: apparently I have the right body for it! (I'm talking about muscle and bone structure here not the way I look)

Just 2 weeks ago I had my first class with pointe shoes. It was awesome. Not doing much yet except a few simple barre exercises. But still. I'm so proud of myself! 

I don't ever want to dance professionally though. (Not that it's a possibility). Dancing, for me, is a way to appreciate my body and praise God. I want to be the best I can possibly be within reason. 

Hope to see you around!

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Victoria Leigh

Welcome to our forums, Crocro!  It is great that you have started ballet classes, and that you have a passion for it already. You will find a lot of great information, help, and support from our large contingent of adult ballet students and our teachers. 

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And a welcome from me to add to Ms Leigh's. You've already found the Adult Ballet Students' forums. I hope you'll join in & share your journey.

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