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As a junior there is pressure about what Im going to do in college and my career path I want to follow... I know I need to always have dance in my life and I need to have a plan if professional opportunities do not work out. I am interested in health sciences as well, and hoping to combine dance and the medical side. What paths could I look into following? Some ideas I have include physical therapy and nutritionist, are there any other suggestions?:wink: 

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We have had a number of similar threads exploring other related career options.  :)  This Forum is arranged alphabetically, in hopes that it can be more easily accessed.  I would suggest you take a little time and explore the Index page of this forum and drop in on threads that catch your fancy.  Feel free to add to existing threads as appropriate.  ( No need to keep reinventing the wheel and lose out on previously shared knowledge and discussions. :D

Many of these previous threads are clustered in the “careers:” area of the Index, but I would not limit myself to just that section.  There may be straggler threads that have other key elements or words.  We haven’t had a chance to do major housekeeping in this Forum for awhile. 

Happy reading!

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