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Trainee Evaluation and Contract Meeting Advice


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Hi all,  I tried to search for this topic, but didn't find anything.  If you have seen this topic please pass along a link!

DD is to have her annual evaluation and contract meeting soon.  She is a Trainee, and hoping of course to move up to the studio company.  Do you have any advice for preparing for this meeting?  In particular, questions she could ask them during the meeting.  She is already thinking, if they don't already cover it, asking about asking about what she needs to do to become company material, if they see her having a future with the organization, how many openings they had at the studio and company level this year (to project for next year)... do you have additional ideas of what to ask?  or, what NOT to ask??

Anyone have other tips to keep in mind?  


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It sounds like she is working through the process and moving in the right direction for questions to ask.  Taking the journey information into her own hands is so important.    In preparing for the meeting, it is important for her to be ready to hear both positive and possibly negative no matter how favored she may feel (or not feel).  She should be ready to listen and form questions based on what is stated in the meeting.  As an example:  They say:  We feel you are doing well and progressing nicely toward our goals for you.  Followed by:  Thank you, you mentioned progressing towards your goals for me.  Can you elaborate on things I can work on right now that would bring me closer to accomplishing those goals you mentioned.  

Instead of what she needs to be company material, express an interest in becoming the type of dancer that would be promoted into this company.  With that desire, what are the attributes/issues they see which might keep her from that goal and what attributes does she innately have that she needs to continue to grow.  Depending on the environment, she can also ask "if" they see her as a fit for the company should she continue to progress technically.  This allows a conversation about facility, height, timing, etc.  

Sometimes these meetings are innately helpful.  And sometimes they are not.  The key is that she always wants to leave her meetings feeling as if she has learned something about her progress toward her goals.  It's easy to hear something like, "we are happy where you are" and then leave with only that ego boost.  She wants to leave with a plan for where she is and how it gets her to where she wants to be.  This regardless of if it is at that company or another.  


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