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I got a turn boad (these pink plastic things) as a birthday present, to improve my shabby pirouettes. It was from a very nice dancer.

The good thing: I can practice now a few turns at home when I want,  since everything is carpet and turning on the board has round about the same resistance on carpet than turning in dance school.

The bad thing: I'm a not too small grown up man and no dance elf - this thing seems to be constructed for small girls. When I used it on dance carped, it bend almost flat...


Do you think it's reasonable to buy a quality one, perhaps made from wood? Spotting and pulling up got trained quite a bit so far, I try to practice the corrections I got for my turns in class a little bit at home - especially spotting.


What's your experience with turn boards?

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I have never used a turn board and not heard of them. Do dance supply stores sell them?

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Yes, they can be bought online and occasionally in a store. They have become very popular for younger dancers. As a teacher, I don’t feel that they really ‘improve’ the pirouette itself for ballet, since you are not turning on Demi-pointe but on a very, very low foot. Where I have seen it help is in spotting due to the ability to continue turning(once you’ve figured out how to balance) and in getting over a fear of turning multiple turns. In that sense I’ve seen timid turners become more confident and weak spotters really understanding how and the coordination of the head and the turn. I’m not sure I would spend a lot of money on a really nice one, but I know they do make them out of heavier plastic. I guess if you need work on spotting and confidence, maybe. Just my own observations 😊

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Miss Persistent

I agree with Fraildove - I've not found turnboards truly translate to pirouettes as such, but the do help as she said spotting, multiple turns, and I also have noticed they can sometimes improve core control as it forces the dancer to "hold it together!". But they don't help with balance, pirouette position, sustaining releve etc...

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