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What is the name of this step?


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Hello! I have a step naming question. What do you call it when your leg is in retire, and you lower your foot directly to a "tendu position," without lifting it higher first? (So it's not a develope.) Thanks so much. 🙂

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Could you call it developpé a terre?

It seems to me, that you can't lower your foot elegantly from retiré to a the end of the tendu movement (I was taught that tendu is a movement not a position) without a small developpé movement. It's a typical movement in adage when the supporting leg fondus at the same time as the working leg folds out to the a terre position, isn't it?

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But I see Ms Leigh’s logic. Giving the instruction, you’d say “From retiré, lower your foot to tendu”. That would be very clear. 

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Thank you.

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