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Encouragement to look outside the obvious/popular college program

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Momof3darlings, thank you for reminding me that I forgot to mention that my list is specific to my DD and while she started out very much a bunhead, she changed gradually  in high school to focus more on modern with a side of ballet.  Therefore, the majority of programs on my list have either a stronger modern program or a mix of ballet and modern.  Also, geography played some role in our search, so it leans heavily to the eastern part of the country.   And, again I am not necessarily saying all of the programs I listed are outstanding and rigorous programs.  We definitely found some to be lacking, at least for what DD wanted.  However, I don't remember what was what and everyone has different wants and needs.

Additionally, I want to also stress that I have found BTFD to be an amazing resource for me and DD (she's a member too-but pretty much only posts when I make her review her SIs), and I encourage everyone on here to pay it forward and PLEASE share information about colleges, SIs, pre-professional schools, and experiences they have had.   I will share more about DD's auditions at the various universities once we have some time to process it all.    

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Thank you Amie!  To all our members, remember, visiting a college and seeing the dance program in process is considered first hand experience.  You do not just have to attend the college to post.  If you audition or visit, you qualify to share your perceptions while there.  

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