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De-lurking, probably

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Greetings to all from this adult beginner.

I've been dropping in and out of beginner ballet classes for the past 14 years, but life, school, work, and a few hip injuries have always come between the barre and me. During this time, I've been an occasional lurker on these forums. 

Now that I'm in my thirties, I have more autonomy over my schedule, which has made it easier to commit to dancing. I've been in ballet class twice per week since this past September (minus a month off for the holidays), which is the longest stretch of my life. If I can manage to avoid re-injuring my hip, I don't foresee any barriers to continuing with class. So, I figured it was about time to de-lurk and say hello.


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Victoria Leigh

We are glad that you have de-lurked, hip.hip.bourrée! Love your name. :)  Hope you will join in our discussions!

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Thanks for the kind welcome, Ms. Leigh. Your forum posts have been very helpful to me during these many years, so thank you for that as well. :)

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