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While this is posted in the College and Career Forums already, we have had some questions recently about why College and Company threads are not more updated.  Please remember, that we depend on our membership to both learn from our site as well as to share with our site.  In other words, we encourage you to give as much as you take, to pay it forward so to speak.  

We value first hand experience on our site which means not hearsay that someone else states.  However, on the Career and College forums we understand that this needs a wider view.  So, I just wanted to be sure our current membership knows that if you attend a Company audition, a Trainee program audition or go on-site to visit those count as first hand experience.  As well, if you research a Trainee program or Company for your child and attend an audition or visit on site, this counts as first hand experience.  They do not have to attend the college or be accepted at the program to give your perceptions while visiting.  I hope this helps our current membership find what they need and share where they've been.  

We also allow Review on the Trainee/Apprentice forum to be done through a Moderator.  We do recognize the sensitive nature of reviewing your job.  

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