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Fun ballet question...

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Do you have any ideas for what would be a good collective noun for ballerinas, dancers, or ballet dancers.


For example, you could have a posé of ballerinas..not very imaginative I know, but you get the idea...I'm sure you can come up with something better :D



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Guest Tibbit

Wouldn't be a corp? I guess not.'

A gaggle, LOL. I always liked that one. A murder of dancers is too creepy (a murder of crows, anyway).

How about a rassembler of dancers.

Rassembler is group in french. I am assuming it would be pronounced like Asemble but with an R.



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Tibbit, that would be a rassemblement for the noun... But that sound a bit like a group on strike! :D


a 'ribambelle' (a swarm of) of dancers... I just like the sound of it ;)


A flock would be appropriate for swans... :(

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Guest Tibbit

Thanks balletwoman. I got the word from an online dictionary, english to french.

I only had two years of French and then Spanish after that, so mostly my french is long gone. I remember how to say "I don't know" and "I speak english" and "I love you" other than that it is just a handfull of words, LOL.

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