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Guest venecha

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Guest venecha

Is there a way to find pics of past ballerinas with NYCB (isn't that Ballanchine's old company?)


My last dance teacher has danced under Suki Shorer (sp?) and I'd love to find pics of her dancing. Her name is Jacqueline (sp?). I have no idea what her name was before she got married, but now it is Forscher. Anyone have ideas? She is fairly young, maybe in her late 30's.


Thanks for any help!


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Well, this will get you started:




There is a section at the lower right of this page with a roster and some info.


You can also check various histories of NYCB for pictures; better yet, why don't you simply ask her? I have never yet known a dancer who was reluctant to share pictures from their career. You will learn a great deal and I am sure she'll enjoy having someone express interest. :)

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hmm, i'm not sure where you can get it. i got it as a gift from someone. i think your best bet would be to just go to a really big barnes and nobles, they might have it. i'm not really sure though, sorry. i would just call a bunch of book stores and see if any have it. you might be able to get it online somewhere. :)

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Why don't you get it through your library and look through it before you buy it? If your local library doesn't have it, they can borrow it for you through another library system (it's called interlibrary loan; ask one of the librarians to do it for you. It's very common practise as libraries don't have enough money to buy everything that people want, so they share stuff constantly.)


There are also several other NYCB 'history' books, too--so don't give up the search. I still think asking your teacher for pictures would be really flattering for her!:)

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Your best bet for Tributes is to follow Juliet's advice and click on the NYCB website, and then go to Gift Shop. They have it. They also have a lot of other stuff you'd be interested in, including videos. There's a video called Dancing for Mr. B: Six Balanchine Ballerinas. Another is Suzanne Farrell: Elusive Muse.


There are many many books about NYCB and NYCB ballerinas, including one on Balanchine Technique by Suki Schorer. Many NYCB ballerinas have written their autobiographies, among them Maria Tallchief, Allegra Kent, Merrill Ashley, and Suzanne Farrell. They all have pictures. In addition, there is a book called Balanchine Ballerinas, Conversations with the Muses. It has interviews and photographs of Balanchine Ballerinas starting way back with Alexandra Danilova, Tamara Geva, Felia Doubrovska, and Tamara Toumanova and continuing all the way to Darci Kistler. This book is undoubtedly out-of-print, but an internet search might yield results. And I recommend a trip to the library.

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FYI, if you're thinking of purchasing "Tributes," it's been remaindered, so it should be available on the Net or a local bookstore for about $15.00.


I also enjoyed Lynn Garafola's (and Eric Foner's, I think) "Dance for a City," a history of NYCB with excellent text and pictures.

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