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Hi everyone,

After lurking (reading) for a few months I thought I should finally introduce myself.  I have three children aged 12, 9 and 6.  DS9 and DD6 both dance and enjoy it.  Things are starting to get more serious for DS9 who is one of about 6 boys at his studio.  DS9 is the only boy in his ballet, contemporary and character classes and this effects his enthusiasm for dance sometimes.  We have been going to a few “boys only” workshops and events over the last few months and this has helped.

His teacher says he has the right body type for classical dance, good musicality etc.  She said he could make a career of this if he wanted to.  He seems to enjoy all his classes and the concerts and puts more effort into dance than anything else.  However, he is not one of those children who talk about what they will do when they “grow up”, so it is hard to know how seriously to take all of this. 

I have talked to him about auditioning for a performing arts high school in 2 years’ time as I think this sort of high school will suit his personality.  Other than that I feel a bit lost about what he/we should do if he decides he wants a career in dance.

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Welcome! He has time. Who knows what he will be passionate about in 2 years. For now, just get him the best possible training you can and see where it leads.

Enjoy the journey!


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