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Can Someone Start dancing at 16?

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I've always wanted to be a ballet dancer but my family could never afford it. Now that I can will I be able to become flexible enough to follow my childhood dreams or should I just give up?

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Victoria Leigh

Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, heyfaduma. :)  

It's never too late to begin the study of something you have always wanted to do!  It is a bit harder, as you will need to start at the beginning, which means finding a school that has either a Teen Beginning program, or a good Adult program. But they do exist, and it will just take some searching on your part to find the training. Don't just go to the nearest local dance school, but spend some time checking any and all schools in your area and visiting them to see the studios, meet the director and teachers, and watch some classes. If they have a performing company, it's a good time to see if they have a Spring Concert coming up. This would give you a chance to see the quality of their work on stage. Good luck!

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Hii!! I started ballet less than a year ago at 16 as well.. Took a bit to adjust but never been happier since~ >< You can try looking up stuffs on the Internet to familiarise yourself with ballet first like how I did for years before finally starting. :P They helped tremendously to the point that my teacher asked if I've done ballet before! First few classes may be a mess, but it's never too late if you put your heart to it. All the best for you!! 

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