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Sansha warm up unitard - sizing help needed please


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My 15 year old daughter is 5'4'' tall (165cm) with an extremely petite frame (maybe a US 2 to 4 in dress size at most).  I am wanting to purchase the striped Sansha Finlay warm up unitard for her online, as it is not sold in our country.  However the sizing chart is very confusing.  For her height they recommend a size large, which is not a description I would ever apply to my very slender girl!  Postage is not cheap to the Southern Hemisphere, and sending items back for exchange is an expensive option, and so we are stuck with whatever we purchase if the size is incorrect.


Please could anyone share any knowledge they might have about sizing for the Sansha warm ups?

Much appreciated!

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I don’t have any experience with the Finlay warm-up, but I can say that the Sansha baggier fleece warm ups run really small. My 5’1” daughter, who just tuned 13 but has just barely started puberty (meaning no curves to speak of) has outgrown the size small. 

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Thanks so much AB’s Mom.  On that basis it may be best to go for a larger size.  I’m quite good at taking seams in to fit my mini dancer, and she is still growing :)

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We bought the Finlay warmup, size 3 (= small) a couple of years ago from the Sansha Store in NYC.  DD was about 5' then and is now 3/4" taller than your daughter and wears a US dress size 0.  She has outgrown the warmup in girth and length.  This item runs small.  To give a different reference point, DD wears a XS or S leotard depending on the maker.

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Thanks oniceskates.  Those are the leotard sizes my DD wears and so based on your experience I will definitely order a size large. Many thanks!

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