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College Decisions

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We desperately need help in making a decision between - Boston Conservatory, SUNY PURCHASE, University of Hartford-Hartt School.

Julisha really interested in your decision to attend SUNY?

We’ve made lists & are still struggling.

dont want to make the wrong choice

anyone with thoughts experiences on any of these programs we need help

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Stefanie, your dancer and family have some wonderful programs to decide among.  Unfortunately, just as with SI decisions, we cannot make recommendations or decisions for you.

I’m sure you have done so, but the best we can offer is for you to review the threads we have on these individual programs and make your own determination as to which program best fits with your dancer’s hopes, desires, training, needs, wants, wishes, financial situation and academic situation, desires, wants, needs, and wishes.  Typically, there are ways to contact students at the programs themselves to ask questions.  Current students may be able to provide your DD with information that helps her get a feel for the current culture in the various programs.

Perhaps it will help to realize there ARE no wrong choices.  No decision, even college ones, are written in stone.  Transferring to another program is always an option.  So, go with what feels like the best fit and then re-assess as needed—-just like with pre-pro training——-and everything else in life. :D :wub:


I’m going to close this thread so that we don’t go too far afield. Please do ask any remaining questions you have about the various programs on their dedicated threads.

Best wishes with your decision!!  I’m sure it will be just fine. :wub:

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