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Help!!!! I need some advice on a touchy topic

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Hi everyone! To the moderators, I know this may be a touchy topic so feel free to judge if this should stay up. However I would like some answers/advice. 

I am a 13 year old dancer who has not yet started her period. However, I do have daily discharge. Whenever I go to dance it gets on my tights and has even gone through. How can I prevent this? My teacher allows shorts when girls are on their periods but this is a constant issue. Has anyone else had this issue? I have tried liners and so far most are quite uncomfortable for a while. I found thong liners and those work okay but still are uncomfortable during a grand plié. Any help you can give is much appreciated!!!



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Victoria Leigh

Pineapplegirl, I think it would be best to get advice from your teacher or parent.  It is possible that you may just need to get used to the few moments of grand pliés being  a bit uncomfortable when using the thong liner.  If the problem is worse than that, perhaps some advice from a physician would be in order. You are probably getting close to starting your period, and it may have something to do with that, but I don't know.  



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Ballet Prodigy

I agree that you might just need time to get used to the liner. I wear them, too so I kind of know what you mean. Being a ballet student is rough sometimes but definitely worth it. I'm guessing no one else knows about it. Most of the time things seem worse than they are especially at the age of 13. Happy dancing!

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